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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
2018 XonoticBugNormalNewPath of Quake 3 textures is incorrect when loading maps
2017 XonoticBugNormalNewgit servers break backwards compatibility with 0.7.0 clientsGame LogicSamual
2016 XonoticSupportNormalNewTheShadow requesting repository access
2015 XonoticBugNormalNewPlayer model animations are too slow for the running speed
2014 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #264 - Make it possible for menuqc to draw the loading screen. Possibly via... (by divVerent)
2013 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #261 - Upgrade the loading screen function so it can place text onto the... (by halogene)
2009 XonoticBugNormalNewforce playermodels to mine not working on some serversGame Logic
2008 XonoticBugLowNewMove Linux build to SDL2.divVerent
2007 XonoticBugNormalNewMove Windows build to SDL2.divVerent
2006 XonoticBugHighNewMove OS X build to SDL2.divVerent
2005 XonoticFeatureLowFeedback[xonvote] #259 - Rework the loading screens and transform them into images that show off... (by halogene)Menuhalogene0.8
2004 XonoticBugNormalNewArc keeps on going during demo replay pause/slowmoGameplaydivVerent0.8
2003 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:Mirio/map_updates: an XXL merge request: SilentSiege: Fix bugs 1679, 1705, 1708 (texture alignment, bot waypoints...divVerent0.8
2002 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/ignore_files: an XS merge request: Adds some compiler files to the ignore list, so they can't be accidental...
2000 XonoticBugNormalNewChat icon goneGame LogicMario0.8
1999 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf: an XXL merge request: The map is waiting for it's final apporvement.divVerent0.8
1996 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:Mario/monsters: a M merge request: Allows mappers to place monsters on their map via NetRadiant entity menu...
1994 XonoticBugNormalNewMy teams bots in level 6Botsmand1nga
1993 XonoticBugNormalNewEngine segfault in R_SkinFrame_MarkUsedEnginedivVerent
1992 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #255 - Add a direct link to the Newbie Corner to the front page... (by halogene)
1991 XonoticBugNormalNewJumping up stairs not predicted
1990 XonoticBugNormalIn ProgressInvisible gaps in FuseMapsMirio0.8
1989 XonoticBugNormalNewWeapon reloading sound in Overkill plays too soonSoundsbitbomb
1988 XonoticFeatureNormalNewVisual feedback for weapon reloadingHUDterencehill
1987 XonoticFeatureNormalIn ProgressVisual feedback for grenadeMario
1986 XonoticBugNormalNewStanding on a barrel's spawn point causes excessive server load
1985 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/race_cts_mutators: a L merge request: Moves race and CTS to the mutator system.
1984 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/mutators2: a M merge request: Moves mutator initialization into the mutators folder, so one doesn't ne...
1981 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #252 - After 0.8 release: Have another survey within the community similar to the... (by Mirio)
1980 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/buffs: a L merge request: Adds buffs to the game.

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