Bug #1014

Minstanex Model not fit for 0.6

Added by nyov over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:01/16/2012
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Target version:0.6


The new Minstanex Model's animation and texturing feels unfinished.
As it is, from my pov, the most played gametype next to standard all-weapons and race and a prominently visible enhancement for 0.6, I feel it's not fit for release.

Animations are robotic and feel broken.
The texture seems not to fit the uv-map or have a wrong scale.

(Also textures are located in models/weapons/ instead of textures/ where the other guns are. why?)

dpvideo.avi - demoed with build xonotic-v0.5.0-1636-g05424c6 (1.91 MB) nyov, 01/16/2012 09:50 pm


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The texture/uvmap is actually fine in master, you must have a broken model in your data directory or something -- did you go to e.g. esk minstagib server? iirc they pack the model there and have the client download it automatically, that could be why you have a broken one, as they could have packed it wrong.

The animation is pretty simple to fix honestly, when we "compile" the iqm models we merge together the animations -- so one could just take the animations from another weapon and put it in. -- I didn't care very much anyway though.. I don't mind it.

As for the textures being in the wrong directory, that can be fixed too.

The key problem you listed which could block this model is the texturing, and that is fine normally, so there's no way this model is going to be reverted for the old one even with its animation. Even so, it's still LITERALLY A BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THE OLD ONE :D

I think the future course of action is: Find out for sure where the texture should be, and fix the animation to use the standard one. Other than that, this model is fine.

#2 Updated by nyov over 2 years ago

Samual wrote:

The texture/uvmap is actually fine in master, you must have a broken model in your data directory or something

Now I may have dreamed it up, but I think this was working for me at an earlier date.

This is tested on a clean all update, recompile, with a new and clean userdir. On a Local listen server.
Git checkouts verified against the git webinterface.

I understand it could still be a weird local problem here of some kind, but if you make that claim and haven't actually checked it, i feel just a wee bit insulted :(

So now I make this claim. Either texture or model uv-map is NOT fine in master of xonotic-data.

You have seen the attached video and like that animation? Ok, that is... weird. But ok.

I don't much care for the location of the textures, it was just a mention. Just in case the release build script differentiates between folder locations for image conversion/compression. And it felt wrong.
But it's an easy change in master. And if so asked, I would do a branch, move them, merge request it. Feels like overhead though.

And I wish I could do more for the other issues but with moddeling stuff currently I can't.

Samual wrote:


There are a few who don't share that view. But i am not one of them. Or I would not ask to fix it :)

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Things to fix immediately:

Bump map texture is broken and the animation needs to be fixed.

#4 Updated by C.Brutail about 2 years ago

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I've fixed the normalmap, and it's already in master.
Morphed is working on the animations right now.

#6 Updated by merlijn about 2 years ago

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Marking this as resolved since the fix was merged and we didn't get any feedback.

#7 Updated by nyov about 2 years ago

Forgot updating this. Works great now, as discussed on IRC.

Only strangeness I could find is, if you use the model for a reloadable gun.
In the reloadanimation, the gun's back comes up too high, then disappears down the screen completely.
But it's no issue with standard codebase, as it doesn't reload there.

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