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Organizing Player page statistics

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Here are general ideas for Player pages, to maybe better organize and make better use of available info.

Separate "Overall Game Stats" into game modes, which might allow to add more stats for each mode as that would open up a lot of space horizontally. For example, things like Wins/Losses could be added. Maybe keep Over Game Stats with only stats that can be cumulative from all (or most) game modes, such as total Kills/Deaths/Suicides, rather than have game mode specific stuff. But it would definitely be nice to see kills/deaths for each game modes too.

I'm not sure how exactly it could be integrated, but showing stats with "Efficiency" would be a good way to show stats and probably make it easier to "digest" them quickly when browsing (ie: kill/death ratio, pickups/captures ratio, etc.). That way you don't have to look at all the numbers and analyze them to get an idea. However, that would add a lot of columns to add to how things are displayed currently, I don't think that could added in a single row with everything else.

If possible (assuming stats end up being split into game modes), hide game modes that player has never played.

For "Recent games" it might cool to show a bit more info about last few matches played without having to click "View" for all stats, but I'm not sure how appropriate it would be with all games modes (always fun to know the opponent in duels along with score, but "Opponent" is pretty much specific to duels, can't really show all 16 names from CTF matches). Separating Recent matches in game modes might be a bit much, but could work if less matches are displayed. This is just an idea obviously, this might not be worth it, Recent games is already fine as is.

Hmm I had more suggestions but I can't remember at the moment, will add more later if it comes back to me.


#1 Updated by zykure about 2 years ago

I've worked something out: Now Duel, DM/TDM and CTF stats are shown separately in addition to the overall game stats.

Not sure if this is the way to go though, since adding even more game modes would likely clutter the top panel too much. It could be better to put the game mode details in an extra section below the global stats on top. This would also enable us to compact the top section somewhat by moving Elos into the new "detail" section, and moving the remaining fields around between the two columns.

The new layout would then be something like this

Member Since: ...                                 Playing time: 0:06:43 hours
Last Seen: 19 hours ago                           Games Played: 15 (15 duel)
Favorite Maps: solarium, stormkeep, darkzone      Win Percentage: 93.33% (14 wins, 1 losses)
Favorite Weapons: MinstaNex, Shotgun              Kill Ratio: 16.0 (16 kills, 1 deaths, 0 suicides)

Duel stats: Win Percentage 93.33% (14 wins, 1 losses), Kill Ratio 16.0 (16 kills, 1 deaths, 0 suicides), Elo 123.0*, Rank ...
DM/TDM stats: Win Percentage ..., Kill Ratio ..., Elo ..., Rank ...
CTF stats: Win Percentage ..., Cap Ratio ... (x caps, y pickups, z returns), Elo ..., Rank ...
                                                                                                            * preliminary Elo

Screenshot of current implementation:

#2 Updated by zykure about 2 years ago

It now looks like this (details for Duel, DM, TDM, CTF games; note that only duel is listed due to the other game types missing from my local xonstatdb):

#5 Updated by antibody over 1 year ago

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Resolved by adding game type-specific tabs on the player_info page.

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