Bug #1175

Markup gamecommand (menu_cmd red) does not output expected symbols with utf8 enabled

Added by MrBougo over 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:04/22/2012
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Category:Game Logic
Target version:0.8


common/commands/markup.qc has not been updated for utf8 support. I do not know how utf8 compatibility works between clients and with the server, so I don't really know how to fix this. It involves adding 0xE000 to the original special character codes to get the utf8 character codes. I also do not know about the availability of chr(float ascii) in the menu and server VMs.

Adding Samual as watcher because he's the last person to have reviewed this code.

I didn't find a good category to put this in.


#1 Updated by MrBougo over 2 years ago

One additional issue is that this code uses strconv, which for some reason bears this warning:

string(float ccase, float calpha, float cnum, string s, ...) strconv = #224; 
// reformat a string with special color characters in the font, DO NOT USE THIS ON UTF8 ENGINES (if you are lucky they will emit ^4 and such color codes instead), the parameter values are 0=same/1=lower/2=upper for ccase, 0=same/1=white/2=red/5=alternate/6=alternate-alternate for redalpha, 0=same/1=white/2=red/3=redspecial/4=whitespecial/5=alternate/6=alternate-alternate for rednum.

It obviously fails to work with utf8.

#2 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

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I have no idea how to fix this.

#3 Updated by MrBougo about 2 years ago

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Assigning this to divVerent since he wrote this code in Nexuiz svn r6484.

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In the long run we want to get rid of the nonstandard character pane. This command then will be removed.

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