Bug #1208

Show elo changes on a per-game basis

Added by antibody over 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Players want to see how much their Elos go up and down per match. This should be added to the player_game_stats table so it can be shown on the scoreboards.

Ideally I'd like to have a column all the way on the right of the scoreboard that has "Elo Change" and values like "+1.23" and "-2.25" in appropriate colors (green for positive change, red for negative).


#1 Updated by antibody almost 2 years ago

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This was implemented, but it led to a much greater emphasis on the Elo points values versus actually playing the game for fun. That wasn't a good tradeoff to make IMO, so I removed the feature. The data is still there in the player_game_stats table if needed for other purposes, however.

#2 Updated by zykure almost 2 years ago

What about indicating if a player was better or worse than expected, according to his elo prior to the game? That's something I'm actually interested in (i.e. how I performed in the match); in contrast to the actual elo values. Since this can be easily retrieved from the existing data (elo_diff <> 0), one could add a small indicator to the games table (↗ and ↘ for example).

#3 Updated by antibody almost 2 years ago

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This can go as a new field in the table at the bottom of the player_info view. The more link at the bottom of that should not show a group of scoreboards, but rather a continuation of what is in the table.

What won't happen is adding it back to scoreboards.

#4 Updated by antibody over 1 year ago

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Added a table at the bottom of the player_info page showing the elo deltas. Also added a show_elo=1 parameter to all scoreboard (game info) pages so people can view stuff for a game at the same time.

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