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Merge in xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git: mirceakitsune/bloom_scenebrightness

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Status:ResolvedStart date:05/13/2012
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Target version:-


Purpose of the branch:

Use the new r_bloom_scenebrightness cvar in Xonotic, which reduces bloom over-brightness on most map without decreasing the intensity of the bloom effect. What this does is reducing scene brightness (exactly like r_hdr_scenebrightness) but only when bloom is enabled. Most engines handle HDR this way to avoid the same issue. Here are some screenshots showing how this helps:

Repository: xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git
Commit: f839eb5485ea9c494954e580e8d3e398159a5047
Branch: mirceakitsune/bloom_scenebrightness

Merge commands:

cd data/xonotic-data.pk3dir
git checkout master
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull && git diff 'f839eb5485ea9c494954e580e8d3e398159a5047'..'origin/mirceakitsune/bloom_scenebrightness'

# please check that the diff you just saw did not contain anything complex that
# needs a new merge request, and review these changes

git merge --no-ff 'origin/mirceakitsune/bloom_scenebrightness'

# please make sure this merge worked, and if not, fix merge conflicts and git
# commit BEFORE the next command
# also, THIS is the point to do final pre-merge testing
# use git reset --hard origin/master to bail out

git push && git push --delete origin 'mirceakitsune/bloom_scenebrightness'


 defaultXonotic.cfg |    8 ++++++++
 1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

Revision log:

commit f839eb5485ea9c494954e580e8d3e398159a5047
Author: Mircea Kitsune <>
Commit: Mircea Kitsune <>

    Add the existing (darkplaces default) bloom settings to defaultXonotic.cfg, plus an r_bloom_scenebrightness of 0.85. This darkens the scene slightly when bloom is on, to avoid over-brightening

User agreed to the GPLv2+.


diff --git a/defaultXonotic.cfg b/defaultXonotic.cfg
index 0c399bb..dd19d2a 100644
--- a/defaultXonotic.cfg
+++ b/defaultXonotic.cfg
@@ -146,6 +146,14 @@ gl_polyblend 0 // whether to use screen tints, this has now been replaced by a b
 r_motionblur 0 // motion blur value, default is 0
 r_damageblur 0 // motion blur when damaged, default is 0 (removed in Xonotic)

+r_bloom_blur 4
+r_bloom_brighten 2
+r_bloom_colorexponent 1
+r_bloom_colorscale 1
+r_bloom_colorsubtract 0.125
+r_bloom_resolution 320
+r_bloom_scenebrightness 0.85
 seta vid_x11_display ""    "xonotic-linux-*.sh will use this to start xonotic on an other/new X display" 
 // This can have three possible settings:
 //    ""        run as usual


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tZork, would you take a look at this please?

#3 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

This is no change versus default.. whats the point of this?

#4 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

$ git branch | grep "*"
  • master

$ git rev-parse head

^7"r_bloom_blur" is "4" ["4"]
^7"r_bloom_brighten" is "2" ["2"]
^7"r_bloom_colorexponent" is "1" ["1"]
^7"r_bloom_colorscale" is "1" ["1"]
^7"r_bloom_colorsubtract" is "0.125" ["0.125"]^7"r_bloom_resolution" is "320" ["320"]
^7"r_bloom_scenebrightness" is "1" ["1"]

#5 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

merged, thanks. Saturation is still over-done, but that's for another commit to fix.

#6 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

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