Feature #122

This map is best played with n players

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Status:NewStart date:06/18/2010
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Target version:0.8


Reference thread: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=592&pid=8057

This is a feature request about a brief notice under the map name (i.e. map best played with <5 players) when voting for maps to allow a more informed choice to be made.

Necessary implementation needed for future use:
  • include a way for the map developers to specify the "range of playability" for every supported gametype in the .pk3
  • older maps integration: allow a server to specify/override these vars with some other cvars to be loaded by a common .cfg, to allow server admins to port older maps to this system
  • edit the wiki about map-making to include the required information in the map packages.
Possible uses of the range information:
  • A brief notice "map best played with <5 players" under every map name when choosing the next one to play.
  • Same as above, but depending on the number of players on the server the maps too big or too small are marked in red (still votable though).
  • In single player mode the same notice is shown.
  • [so-and-so]: include a way for the server to adapt the map selection based on the range and the number of connected users
The problems arising are:
  • What if there is still one map with no numbers? A warning when the server is started and the map shows no notice?


#1 Updated by PlasmaSheep about 4 years ago

Or, to be even stricter, prevent maps with ranges outside of the current playercount from being shown.

#2 Updated by Samual about 3 years ago

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Such a thing could definitely be done, actually... but perhaps not with mapinfo, but just simply by detecting the size of the map? (Though, how would the game -- especially the HUD -- know this information yet without loading the map?) Well, who knows.. but some implementation could be done most likely.

Either way, this is something to be examined later for sure.

#3 Updated by Zeo about 2 years ago

The size of the map could be stored in metadata, so loading the entire map is not needed. (This might not work, I am not very familiar yet with how everything works).

#4 Updated by Samual over 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from Later to 0.8

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