Bug #1236

vehicles: player gets teleported to place where vehicle was entered when crashing into wall

Added by matthiaskrgr about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:06/01/2012
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21:21 < matthias1rgr_> 20:40 < matthias1rgr_> sometimes when I drive my vehicle against the wall I (as player)
am teleport to vehicle spawn position
21:21 < matthias1rgr_> 21:14 < Ablu> it happens if i drive quickly against a wall
21:21 < matthias1rgr_> 21:15 < Ablu> i get teleported back to where i entered vehicle
21:22 < matthias1rgr_> 21:15 < Ablu> it is not directly bound to vehicle spawn
21:22 < Ablu> for me it looks like when it happens when there is no other place where the player could be spawned
21:22 < Ablu> just a guess of course
21:23 < tZork> <quote="topic>THIS CHANNEL IS NO BUG TRACKER. http://dev.xonotic.org/ IS.</quote>
21:23 < tZork> really ill just forget it unless i can deal with it right away, and i cant atm
21:23 < matthias1rgr_> ok
21:23 < matthias1rgr_> ill file a bug, dont worry
21:23 < tZork> thanks
21:24 < tZork> sounds likely yo be related to the enter-teleport bug. i still have no idea why that one happens.
21:24 < matthias1rgr_> mmh yeah
21:25 < tZork> i suspect its somehow related to vehicle antilag tough, but i havent delved to deep into that yet.
21:27 < tZork> since vehicles need a big rewrite for csqc its possible that those teleport bugs will just have
to wait until that rewrite unless i figure out some easy way to work around it.
21:27 < tZork> anyways, gotta get back to what i was doing, remeber to asign the bug to me matthias1rgr_

version: MQC Build information: xonotic-v0.6.0-168-g71a5c6a
bug was observer on MON vehicle ctf server

2012-06-28_04-15_unsealedtrialbeta.dem.tar.gz (2.76 MB) matthiaskrgr, 06/28/2012 04:40 am


#1 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

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#2 Updated by matthiaskrgr about 2 years ago

For the plane and the spider it seems like this; when you are killed in the explosion of your dying vehicle and enter this very vehicle (remember the spawn point of it) again, you are teleported to the place where it died.

#3 Updated by matthiaskrgr about 2 years ago

I manged to get the speeder teleport bug recorded fairly at the beginning of the replay.

#4 Updated by tZork almost 2 years ago

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