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stairs ramdonly acting like ramps

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Here is an old bug I found out long time ago but always forget to report. See the attached picture for brief explanation.

It happens quite often in normal play, but usually the reaction is "what the..." with a couple seconds of confusion, then you forget it happened and keep playing. That's why I always forget to report it, but I've been mapping lately and I notice it a lot while testing maps.

Basically, the typical way of creating stairs is to make the steps, cut them diagonally and then add a slanted brush under them (better for vis). But it seems like sometimes in game player somehow hits the slanted brush between steps (no idea how that is possible) and can push player in the air like when hitting a ramp. Sometimes even completely stops player, getting stuck in stairs. It happens very randomly and nearly impossible to predict. After some practice I found out to replicate quite easily, it seems to happen most often when landing on stairs shortly after coming down from a jump, during the fall down.

I tried to think of a way to make it easy to replicate, so I made a test map with jumppads that pushes you on stairs at approximately the right speed/height (took me a while to get that right). If you walk straight onto the jumppad and press jump before landing on the stairs, it should "work" almost every time.

Stairs #1 has no slanted brush under them, to show that the glitch never happens in that case. CuBe0wL suggested it might have something to do with steps being detail and slanted brush being structural, so I made stairs #2 using that method. Stairs #3 is all structural brushes. The glitch happens on stairs #2 and #3.

Here is the test map: http://beta.xonotic.org/autobuild-bsp/stairs-glitch-demo-32aec5ec6fb135ccac0e2f5f83a5c3638d714dbe-d36c3b2ba5bab5e46557ef3cf3de3a90455268c5.pk3

Or check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEVpqqYn0Uk

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Will be fixed with the physics change I guess?

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