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prevent spectating hostile team to find out FC hideout

Added by matthiaskrgr about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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From time to time very clever players of one team spectate the hostile flag carrier for a few seconds to find out where he/she is hiding.
This sucks and should be prevented.
I suggest to implement a feature which prevents spectating the ex-hostile team for two minutes after going into spectate mode.


#1 Updated by Spaceman about 2 years ago

How would you stop the player changing teams and then spectating?

If they are on the red team and want to find the blue teams flag carrier, they could join blue and then spectate. When they have joined the blue team they will see the flag carrier on the mini map and the waypoint advertising their direction and general location.

Maybe the server could stop players changing teams and becoming spectators.

#2 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

Or possibly (an option to) hide FC status from spectators all together.

#3 Updated by matthiaskrgr about 2 years ago

Mmmh, and what if you spec in 3d person view? You'd easily see the flag then, unless the flag on the player itself is hidden as well.
But then it may still be possible to figure out who is the FC.

#4 Updated by Zeo about 2 years ago

Or make the flag and flag carrier invisible to spectators, or only allow switching teams once every 10 minutes or so or if the teams are uneven

#5 Updated by divVerent about 2 years ago

I do not see how this could work.

What if they just connect from a second instance? Via a different ISP, even?

The best idea here is probably preventing to spec FCs at all, but one could still see the FC from another player.

My solution to this is rather to ban players caught doing this.

#6 Updated by Zeo about 2 years ago

"What if they just connect from a second instance? Via a different ISP, even?" - that's true, I didn't think of that.
Yes, just banning is a good idea.

#7 Updated by divVerent about 2 years ago

I actually prefer the game staying open to multiple connections from same IP.

Not only can you easily circumvent that by using the neighbor's WLAN or a mobile phone with 3G and tethering, it would also make trouble for large networks behind NAT (student dormitories for example).

Also in general, if something us easy to detect "roughly" by an admin, but can be circumvented, automatically detecting and preventing it will quickly drive people into circumventing the detection. Especially if legitimate users also get bitten by the detection and thus - rightfully - share tricks to get past it (eg second connection, SOCKS5 proxy, VPN, ...).

BTW some insider info from working at an ISP: IPv4 addresses are running out, and the future may quite realistically become "v4 behind NAT, only v6 directly connected" for consumer access. So for quite some transition, we will see legitimate users sharing an IP (when connecting to IPv4 game servers).

#8 Updated by Samual about 2 years ago

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All of these ideas have massive downsides, best solution is to simply ban players caught doing this... really it's impossible to stop this.

In places where it's really important (such as competitive matches), the server admins generally control who can connect to the servers ANYWAY, and keep strict watch over such stuff.

I have one idea from this though: I need to make the "tell" command be disabled when g_chat_nospectators is enabled. (g_chat_nospectators basically stops spectators from talking to players during a match in game) -- this would at least make it impossible to secretly say where the FC is without everyone knowing from in game (they could always use a chat client like mumble or IRC or such though).

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