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Typefragging changes

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When someone pushes me into the abyss, with a laser or whatever, I often type something like "n1", but it causes the other player to see the "You typefragged ..." message, which is not true at all.
The way to fix this is quite obvious: remember whether the victim was typing at the moment they were hit, not just check if they are typing on death.

Typefragging causes a lot of other confusion. I'm sure it was mentioned a lot already, but the sound of hitting a typing target is just wrong. Sometimes I type even in extreme situations, like being chased, and suddenly those people chasing me get this weird sound which implies they're doing something wrong. And I feel bad for that: it's like I'm unwillingly abusing the 'feature'. For this I can't see a perfect solution, but the sound can be changed to the usual hit sound (after all, there is the typing icon above characters' heads), or replaced with another sound which is something in between the 'hit' and 'teammate hit' sounds.

typefrag-patch.diff Magnifier - patch that changes typefragging logic (4.04 KB) BlaXpirit, 07/04/2012 06:11 pm


#1 Updated by tZork about 2 years ago

I totally agree with the first part, ill look into that. The second one i do not agree with, at least not per default. I often miss the chat-bubble and being the stype of player that avoids typefragging, i really appreciate the extra sound warning. One possible way to address this is not counting players with movement keys pressed (or sth along those lines) as typing.

#2 Updated by BlaXpirit about 2 years ago

Yes, I was just thinking about movement-based detection. Also there could be some setting to disable that sound for yourself, and maybe to disable typefrag warning for other players shooting you.

#3 Updated by BlaXpirit about 2 years ago

I include the patch I just made, which applies the changes described in the first paragraph: when a player is hit, his chatting state is saved into the istypefrag field, which is then used to determine if the kill was a typefrag.

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Patch merged, sorry it took so long i totally missed the email notification.

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Not sure why this wasn't closed previously... patch is merged.

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