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bot laser performance

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I think the bots are performing inhumane with the laser. The campaign was well balanced up to level 17, where the laser match takes the difficulty a huge leap upwards.

As the laser hits almost instantly, it cannot be doged and the bot's accuracy is quite high even on easy. Sometimes after taking a first hit and loosing ground contact, you are unable to hide again due to low air control and take hits until you're dead. The bots doesn't seem to take aiming time or have problems near the gimbal top and bottom points, where the player has added difficulty on aiming, they just hit with almost 100% accuracy even if you change your angular position in respect to them quite fast.

I would suggest that bots take an accuracy penalty on non-scope weapons like the laser, and have some aiming lag, eg. the should need to take their aiming decisions some milliseconds before like any human do. This way they would suffer the same problems humans are faced with if the target has a high angular velocity or shows unpredictable movement.

That would shape up the balance between instant hit and slow projectile weapons.


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What skill level were you using when you've experienced this? If you were using 10 or above then I'm afraid that's how bots should behave .. perhaps tone it down a bit.

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I didn't beat level 17 on "Easy" for now, while the whole campaign before was easy going on "Medium" for me. I don't think it is a generall difficulty problem, but that bots are overskilled with the laser.

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@Mand1nga I'm considering doing a rewrite of the aim code, it got messy, hard to understand, and as a result bugs have been introduced.
Cause IIRC: the code DID suffer from "the gimbal top and bottom points".

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