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Add elo/kill/win graph or something similar

Added by zykure about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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With all these fancy accuracy/damage graphs, I'm missing one that shows my actual game performance over time.

This graph should show some meaningful value, like Elo, Kill/Cap Ratio, or Win Percentage. I'm not sure which value would make most sense; maybe elo since we're using that also for updating the ranks. On the other hand, iirc elo is only implemented for the "common" gametypes (duel/dm/ctf), which means others couldn't be shown in the graph. However, these uncommon gametypes are played so rarely that it probably doesn't make sense to include them at all.

It would also be possible to show graphs for all the different gametypes. This should be done in the same way as it is for the existing graphs, i.e. show the gametype icons below the graph, then update the graph accordingly to show actual and average values for that specific gametype (of course skipping those the player hasn't played in the last 20 games).


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Some elo graph could be added to the player_info page, but only after moving to d3js as a plotting library.

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