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Merge in xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git: cbrutail/soelen_strenght

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Status:NewStart date:10/02/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:divVerent% Done:


Target version:Xonotic - 0.8


Purpose of the branch:

Soelen made an awesome new Strenght model:
He has sources too, but that blongs in another branch.

Repository: xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git
Commit: 5a8493fef85d38414dfbeca33da3c9e5b2c53056
Branch: cbrutail/soelen_strenght

Merge commands:

cd data/xonotic-data.pk3dir
git checkout master
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull && git diff '5a8493fef85d38414dfbeca33da3c9e5b2c53056'..'origin/cbrutail/soelen_strenght'

# please check that the diff you just saw did not contain anything complex that
# needs a new merge request, and review these changes

git merge --no-ff 'origin/cbrutail/soelen_strenght'

# please make sure this merge worked, and if not, fix merge conflicts and git
# commit BEFORE the next command
# also, THIS is the point to do final pre-merge testing
# use git reset --hard origin/master to bail out

git push && git push --delete origin 'cbrutail/soelen_strenght'


 models/items/g_strength.md3                        |  Bin 54644 -> 729308 bytes
 scripts/xonoticStrength.shader                     |   60 ++++++++++++++++++++
 textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-fire.jpg  |  Bin 0 -> 911037 bytes
 textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-light.jpg |  Bin 0 -> 51835 bytes
 textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-text.jpg  |  Bin 0 -> 429092 bytes
 5 files changed, 60 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

Revision log:

commit 5a8493fef85d38414dfbeca33da3c9e5b2c53056
Author: cbrutail <>
Commit: cbrutail <>

    Scaled the model 6 times. Now it's in the right size.

commit e9e69120e5c7a12ea6c4e6a34f6de6fd8f45430a
Author: cbrutail <>
Commit: cbrutail <>

    New shader model test by Soelen.

User agreed to the GPLv2+.


diff --git a/models/items/g_strength.md3 b/models/items/g_strength.md3
index 6159b5f..d6ff4d4 100644
Binary files a/models/items/g_strength.md3 and b/models/items/g_strength.md3 differ
diff --git a/scripts/xonoticStrength.shader b/scripts/xonoticStrength.shader
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5868490
--- /dev/null
+++ b/scripts/xonoticStrength.shader
@@ -0,0 +1,60 @@
+    dpnoshadow
+    q3map_noclip
+    q3map_notjunc
+    cull disable
+    //deformVertexes wave 150 sin 0 .1 2 12
+    //deformVertexes autosprite
+    //deformVertexes move 0 0 0.1 sin 0 10 1 0.6
+    {
+        map "textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-fire" 
+        tcmod page 4 8 0.04
+        blendfunc add
+    }
+    dpnoshadow
+    q3map_noclip
+    q3map_notjunc
+    //deformVertexes move 0 0 0.1 sin 0 10 1 0.6
+    //dpoffsetmapping - 2 match8 170
+    //dpglossintensitymod  3
+    //dpglossexponentmod  4
+    //surfaceparm metalsteps
+    //q3map_bouncescale 1.50
+    {
+        map "textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-light" 
+        tcMod scroll 0 3
+    }
+    {
+        map $lightmap
+        rgbGen identity
+        tcGen lightmap
+        blendfunc filter
+    }
+    dpnoshadow
+    q3map_noclip
+    q3map_notjunc
+    //deformVertexes move 0 0 0.1 sin 0 10 1 0.6
+    {
+        map "textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-text" 
+    }
+//deformVertexes wave 150 sin 0 10 1 0.6
+        //deformVertexes wave <div> <func> <base> <amplitude> <phase> <freq>
+        //Designed for water surfaces, modifying the values differently at each point.
+        //It accepts the standard wave functions of the type sin, triangle, square, sawtooth or inversesawtooth. The "div" 
+        //parameter is used to control the wave "spread" - a value equal to the tessSize of the surface is a good default value
+        //(tessSize is subdivision size, in game units, used for the shader when seen in the game world) .
+    //deformVertexes bulge 100 100 1
+    //deformVertexes move 20 20 20 sin 0 10 1 0.6
+    //deformVertexes move <x> <y> <z> <func> <base> <amplitude> <phase> <freq>
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-fire.jpg b/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-fire.jpg
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..8b88c53
Binary files /dev/null and b/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-fire.jpg differ
diff --git a/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-light.jpg b/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-light.jpg
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..8f7db55
Binary files /dev/null and b/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-light.jpg differ
diff --git a/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-text.jpg b/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-text.jpg
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..7757fb8
Binary files /dev/null and b/textures/xonoticStrength/xonoticStrength-text.jpg differ


#1 Updated by merlijn almost 2 years ago

  • Assignee set to divVerent

Might as well start the vote.

I definitely want to get this in, the old Nexuiz strength model has been bugging me for ages!

Please do make sure the sources are in git, so they can be merged when the model is.

#2 Updated by Samual almost 2 years ago

I have to say, the model is REALLY very very nice... But unfortunately, I have a few problems with this.

  1. The model colors do not match the effect color (or any other coloring for Strength powerup)
  2. It leaves the Shield powerup behind, and we need a replacement for that as well... which can't also be Cyan/Orange coloring.

What I propose is: We keep this model in the game for eastereggs and fun stuff to be placed on maps (because it really is an awesome model), but I would much rather have a strength powerup styled like this:

That being said, I am against merging this as is.

#3 Updated by S1lencer almost 2 years ago

Samual is right about the colouring feeling... off, but there's been talk about changing how the quad and shield effects look to prevent confusion in team games.

Maybe we could split the logo into two parts, phoenix + flame effect for strength and the "O" around it for sheild.

Good work Soelen.

#4 Updated by Samual almost 2 years ago

Not sure that would work either, that's quite ambiguous... the old models were ambiguous too (to those who don't know mandarin), yes, but we should strive for more recognizable symbols... i.e. fist and shield.

Also, as far as I know, there is no way to do real time light effects with different/dynamic colors similar to the Blue/Red effect we have right now... However, there may actually be a good case here... For example, if we do Cyan/Orange, these DON'T CLASH with the team colors-- whereas right now, blue/red quite clearly clash with team colors, creating more confusion.

Alternatively to having different colors on the player effects, we could do a SPECIAL effect on the player models... i.e. invulnerability gives players a cylindrical force field surrounding them (in their team color), and strength could make the player glow and have a particle trail coming from the hands/gun model or such (also in their team color)... This would remove the red/blue dependence on powerups, making them independent from the red/blue game mode coloring.

Either way, I would still rather not use THIS model as a powerup model... it's just better NOT to have the logo as a powerup, and rather have a more identifiable icon instead.

#5 Updated by Soelen almost 2 years ago

When we are going to use the fist of nod for the strength model, we should use then the gdi icon for shield model


#6 Updated by Samual almost 2 years ago

I was thinking something more along the lines of glowing armor or such for shield, that or a force field or something... We can't really do the icon of another game :P I certainly didn't recognize it at first either, didn't play that game very much. Good joke though :P

We still need replies from Antibody, divVerent, and Morphed...

#7 Updated by antibody almost 2 years ago

The fist for strength is better. The proposed model is beautiful, but doesn't really convey that it is strength. Using a logo for a powerup in that fashion is just ambiguous.

An actual shield would work for the shield, and that could potentially have the phoenix in relief on it.

#8 Updated by divVerent almost 2 years ago

I would be fine with this being strength, but indeed, we need a matching shield, and done in a way so the two actually convey what they do in some way.

As for the colors: we can change them, the effect is always drawn from CSQC now.

#9 Updated by merlijn almost 2 years ago

Although I agree the fist/shield idea would probably fit better - we actually do NEED to replace the old strength symbol because of the relation with Nexuiz imho.

It's been over 2,5 years since the split, and still having a Nexuiz logo annoys me. I'd really like to merge this as strength until we get something more suitable and then give this model a different meaning as was suggested too.

#10 Updated by divVerent over 1 year ago

Any news?

#11 Updated by Samual over 1 year ago

Not really yet-- I would still rather not merge this until we absolutely have to (i.e. immediately before release), that way we still have time to improve the model before release.

Do note, we have a lot of ideas and designs now, just no actual model made yet:

I still stand by my comments previously though, and the model if it were to be accepted absolutely would need to be one single color (not multi-toned of the luminos theme colors) and match the rest of the user experience (the effect, the HUD artwork, etc).

#12 Updated by kuniu_the_frogg over 1 year ago

how about using this model as a strenght AND shield, but for strenght make it whole flaming red, while shield would be blue-ish, cold like a steel?

i'm aware it would be only color-dependant to distinguish both powerups. I'm personally fine with that though.

Anyway, just an idea.

#13 Updated by Samual over 1 year ago

  • Target version set to 0.7

#14 Updated by matthiaskrgr over 1 year ago

Trying to compile:

+ gcc -DSUPPORTIPV6 misc/tools/conftest.c -o conftest
+ cd /home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/d0_blind_id
+ cd /home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/gmqcc
+ make -j2 DP_CRYPTO_STATIC_LIBDIR=../misc/builddeps/dp.linux64/lib/ DP_CRYPTO_RIJNDAEL_STATIC_LIBDIR=../misc/builddeps/dp.linux64/lib/ DP_GMP_STATIC_LIBDIR=../misc/builddeps/dp.linux64/lib/ gmqcc
make: `gmqcc' is up to date.
+ cd /home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir
+ make QCC=../../../../gmqcc/gmqcc -j2 DP_CRYPTO_STATIC_LIBDIR=../misc/builddeps/dp.linux64/lib/ DP_CRYPTO_RIJNDAEL_STATIC_LIBDIR=../misc/builddeps/dp.linux64/lib/ DP_GMP_STATIC_LIBDIR=../misc/builddeps/dp.linux64/lib/
[ "" = "" ] || [ "" = "1" ]
[ "" = "1" ] || { DO_NOT_RUN_MAKE=1 sh; }
make -C qcsrc
make1: Entering directory `/home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc'
make qc-recursive
make2: Entering directory `/home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc'
make1: Entering directory `/home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/menu'
cd menu && fteqcc -Werror -Wno-Q302 -O3 -Ono-return_only -fno-fastarrays -DWATERMARK='"xonotic-v0.6.0-589-g5a8493f"' -DCVAR_POPCON
/bin/sh: fteqcc: command not found
make2: * [../menu.dat] Error 127
make2: Leaving directory `/home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc'
[qc] Error 2
make1: Leaving directory `/home/matthias/vcs/git/xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc'
make: *
* [qc] Error 2

#15 Updated by Samual about 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from 0.7 to 0.8

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