Bug #1437

Projectiles are fired from crotch in git

Added by C.Brutail over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Title says it all. Confirmed with MG and RL, the fired projectile leaves probably from player origin, and not the barrel of the gun in hand. Muzzle flash is placed correctly though.


#1 Updated by Mario over 1 year ago

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I'm unable to reproduce this in latest Git.

#2 Updated by C.Brutail over 1 year ago

I have to differ, it's still there.
A video tells more than a hundred screenshots:


#3 Updated by Samual over 1 year ago

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It fires from the shot origin as best it can-- thing is, the shot origin and where the gun model is positioned in the player hands is actually quite different past a certain threshold. To this effect, if you aim directly downwards, the rocket appears to come out of the player for example...

Honestly I don't think we can fix this at all, and since it doesn't appear to be a problem when the player aims horizontally, it doesn't particularly matter all that much.

Additionally, this problem existed long before any changes in git, I suppose you only noticed or cared now because the player skeleton at least TRIES to look SOMEWHAT like it's aiming where the player is looking.

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