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Mature weapon balance

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The beta must have a mature weapon balance.

By a "mature" weapon balance I don't mean we can't make any changes to it later on, but rather:
- The weapons in the beta should preferably already have the same basic functionality of the weapons in the first stable release.
- The majority of the community should agree with the default balance to prevent splitting the community this early on.
Tweaking minor things to balance the weapons out later is of course no problem.

The default balance has already shifted to the new balanceXonotic.cfg, and the first impressions from the community seem to lean towards the positive according to a forum poll: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=725&page=1
From some short-term stats collecting, the stats show that the weapons are quite balanced already. We should take the stats with a grain of salt though, and fine-tune mostly according to feeling. This phase will have to continue after the beta release so we can get the biggest possible userbase for testing, and we can perhaps release tiny patches with balance changes before the first stable Xonotic release.

The biggest concerns right now is perhaps about the hagar, which is still very alike to the boring/uninspired weapon it was in Nexuiz. It's also at the bottom of the weapon stats so far. :p


#1 Updated by tZork about 4 years ago

"STABLE weapon balance" for a beta? I think thats missing the much of the point of a beta. The current set includes some radical changes (as "seen from nexuiz") and theres really not enough ppl on the test-server/s to ever call it stable before a release as theres bound to be LOTS of "opinions " ;) with such large changes.

As far as possible id recommend a few balance configs shipping with the beta (it'd be nice to see a nex 2.42'ish one in there too, for comparison)

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:%s/stable weapon balance/mature weapon balance/g

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awaiting community feedback

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