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Added by Mirio over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I propose a new category in the "Community" section called "Xonotic - Media", where all those video, audio, etc. threads floating around could be moved it to a) Clean up other categories and b) getter a better overview / nice movies don't get "lost" that easily for example.


#1 Updated by antibody over 1 year ago

Do want.

#2 Updated by Mirio over 1 year ago

  • Category set to Forums cleanup
  • Assignee set to MrBougo

Yes: Mirio, Antibody
No: Samual
Need reply: MrBougo, Halogene

#3 Updated by halogene over 1 year ago

Somehow I fail to see how this would make videos not get lost? We will have a lot of video audio image posts in there then, too - without any form of quality assurance. I'd rather have a moderated thread where the best Xonotic videos are being collected. Of course, that will piss people off that think their video reaches a certain quality but doesn't get featured there... I'm not sure a Media section will serve the intended purpose but don't see anything that speaks against it either. I'd like to abstain from voting here if possible :oP

#4 Updated by Mirio over 1 year ago

People usually open a new thread for their video, is what I meant. ^^

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