Feature #1740

Add a 'vcall mercylimit <X>' vote possibility

Added by Debugger about 1 year ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Category:Game Logic
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This could be used in teamgames, especially tdm and ctf. When a mercylimit/leadlimit is set, the game will endmatch after a certain lead of the stronger team.
E.g.: Team A leads 50 frags over Team B, mercylimit 50 is set. The server will now abort this match and end it. Same could go for ctf captures, e.g. 6-8 captures difference between teams.


#1 Updated by Mirio about 1 year ago

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I believe such a thing should be default anyway .... and some servers had it in Nexuiz ??

#2 Updated by Mario 8 months ago

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Don't we already have lead limits?

It could be enabled by default and/or added to default votes, perhaps.

#3 Updated by Mirio 8 months ago

Yes, it works for TDM, but for at least CTF it seems bugged (as in: not working).

#4 Updated by Mario 7 months ago

It's working fine for CTF here. Have you tested on a post-CTF rewrite server?

#5 Updated by Mirio 7 months ago

Did not work if you switch from a gamemode to CTF.
TDM works just fine though. Don't know about other modes.

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