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XonStat Weapon Damage graph multiple issues

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XonStat Weapon Damage graph multiple issues:

- The XonStat "Weapon Damage" shows ,000,000 on graph
- If you "mouse over" the damage for a weapon in the graph it shows 0 as the top and bottom values (for ministanex in the example).
- Only 1 weapon is drawn (in the example case ministanex) but if you mouse over in the graph you get "data points" for other weapons but they are not drawn.
- If you disable the drawing of ministane, all the other weapons are shown. (and the scale of the other weapon damage is ok)

For example see:


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That last point isn't too surprising, and the first one neither. In the game code, the minstanex deals an immense amount of damage to ensure that it's a one-hit kill. As a consequence, it overshadows all the other weapon damages in the graph and reaches ridiculous unintended damage values over one million, that don't display properly because the width is limited. (The graph SVG file does say "1,000,000")

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