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[xonvote] #223 - When challenging an irc @op action, or voting about removing ... (by divVerent)

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Poll 223 by divVerent

When challenging an irc @op action, or voting about removing @op power from someone, said @op may not veto. A single person who got affected by the action may not start the vote, or veto. Violating this rule decides the most negative outcome of the vote for the violator.

The poll passed with 4:1 majority. 0 users abstained the poll.

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List of votes

Name Vote Comment
CuBe0wL yes But I'm only fine with the first part, as both divVerent and Samual raises very good points (div0 about veto against yourself, Samual that core team challenges are there for a reason).
Mirio yes
Samual no This rule is a strange exception upon the voting system which has been followed exactly the opposite in the past (example, user removal from core team), and I don't think it is the correct way to handle things. Vetos exist for a reason, and if someone challenges the vote then so be it.
divVerent yes it would be sufficient if we instead accepted challenging a veto as standard procedure in response to vetoes of a vote against yourself. That way, you essentially can't veto a poll against yourself, but CAN turn it into a core team vote immediately. If this idea here by me is accepted, I consider the poll moot and you can consider this vote a no.
merlijn yes


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