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[xonvote] #239 - !vcall !veto command should be limited to 10 days (same period as... (by divVerent)

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Poll 239 by divVerent

veto command should be limited to 10 days (same period as regular vote period) after the poll ended, and similarily !challenge should be limited to 10 days after the !veto

The poll passed with 7:0 majority. 14 users abstained the poll.

For details see:

List of votes

Name Vote Comment
Archer-- abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Gatts abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
IDWMaster abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
JH0nny abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Mario` yes
Mirio yes
MrBougo yes
Samual yes Actually I was planning on calling a vote for statute of limitations on voting earlier, but I don't think that 10 days is the best idea.. it's tricky to handle, hence why I didn't call the vote yet.. Example, what if the conditions for a vote were not actually met after the limitation is in effect? How do we quantify the concerns there? etc
Soe1en abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Sydes abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
bitbomb abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
detrate abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
dfdashh abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
divVerent yes that also means that - except for postponing - a decision is always made at most 30 days after !vcall
halogene abstain I trust this would not mean a decision is definite and cannot be revoked by another, contradicting poll once veto time expired? I would find it highly stupid to bind yourself to a decision if it later turns out it was no good at all...
kuniu_ abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
matthiaskrgr yes
s1lence abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
terencehill abstain
ves abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
zykure yes Is 10 days enough?


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What about !challenge command? If you shouldn't be able to veto a poll after some time, the same should probably apply to challenging vetoed polls.

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