Bug #1926

notification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY 2 doesn't work

Added by terencehill 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:03/05/2014
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Samual% Done:


Target version:0.8


When an enemy gets the flag should display CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY_VERBOSE message but displays CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY msg instead

MSG_CENTER_NOTIF(1, CENTER_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY,            1, 0, "s1",           CPID_CTF_LOWPRIO,    "0 0", _("^BGThe %senemy^BG got your flag! Retrieve it!"), "") \
MSG_CENTER_NOTIF(1, CENTER_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY_VERBOSE,    2, 0, "s1 s2 s1",     CPID_CTF_LOWPRIO,    "0 0", _("^BGThe %senemy (^BG%s%s)^BG got your flag! Retrieve it!"), "") \

CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY is allowed by notification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY_ALLOWED 2 meaning it is always enabled, not only in the warmup.


#1 Updated by terencehill 5 months ago

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I've made a patch to fix this issue, MR at http://dev.xonotic.org/issues/1933

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