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make teamkills cost more points, the more teamkills you already did

Added by matthiaskrgr 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Idea: first teamkill: -1 point
second teamkill -2 points
third teamkill -3 points etc..

divVerent suggested this:
<@divVerent> regular_frags - teamkills * (teamkills + 1) / 2


#1 Updated by matthiaskrgr 4 months ago

FC teamkills or kills of the key holder etc should probably cost more as well. -10 -20 -30 points..?

#2 Updated by Samual 4 months ago

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I don't have time to code it, but I can support this idea (divVerent's suggestion is fine)-- Two things to note though, the penalty must always be rounded to the nearest integer, and we must show the frag penalty inside the frag message when the team kill happens.

As for increased penalties for killing objective team members, no. That's too arbitrary and would be too penalizing for accidents.

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