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xonotic-maps.pk3dir:kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf: an XXL merge request: The map is waiting for it's final apporvement.

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Status:NewStart date:06/17/2014
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:divVerent% Done:


Target version:Xonotic - 0.8


The map is waiting for it's final apporvement.

Repository: xonotic/xonotic-maps.pk3dir.git
Commit: 4eb59bce94a4596461a8f9250aa0a238a5a511a5
Branch: kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf

Merge commands:

cd data/xonotic-maps.pk3dir
git checkout master
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull && git diff '4eb59bce94a4596461a8f9250aa0a238a5a511a5'..'origin/kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf'

# please check that the diff you just saw did not contain anything complex that
# needs a new merge request, and review these changes

git merge --edit --log --no-ff 'origin/kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf'

# please make sure this merge worked, and if not, fix merge conflicts and git
# commit BEFORE the next command
# also, THIS is the point to do final pre-merge testing
# use git reset --hard origin/master to bail out

git push && git push --delete origin 'kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf'


 maps/                               |64031 ++++++++++++++++++++
 maps/                       |    5 +
 maps/xoylent_ctf.mapinfo                           |    8 +
 maps/xoylent_ctf.tga                               |  Bin 0 -> 750498 bytes
 maps/xoylent_ctf.waypoints                         |  195 +
 maps/xoylent_ctf.waypoints.cache                   |  407 +
 scripts/map_xoylent.shader                         |   94 +-
 textures/map_xoylent/panels_warning_blue.tga       |  Bin 0 -> 1912504 bytes
 textures/map_xoylent/panels_warning_blue_gloss.tga |  Bin 0 -> 361643 bytes
 textures/map_xoylent/panels_warning_blue_norm.tga  |  Bin 0 -> 4194322 bytes
 textures/map_xoylent/panels_warning_red.tga        |  Bin 0 -> 2719451 bytes
 textures/map_xoylent/panels_warning_red_gloss.tga  |  Bin 0 -> 356594 bytes
 textures/map_xoylent/panels_warning_red_norm.tga   |  Bin 0 -> 4194322 bytes
 13 files changed, 64658 insertions(+), 82 deletions(-)

Revision log:

commit 4eb59bce94a4596461a8f9250aa0a238a5a511a5
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    more symmetrical team colors, little redesign of flag areas, some more playerclip

commit 116b00c69f42c656c746f6f232eb42889449c1c2
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    Adjusting ammo pickups. New map picture.

commit 8e6937040c692c2bba2f1fea1cabfd7c615a704d
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    another try to lighten up blue base a bit. Just a bit.

commit e63bc11674cf82403ce06cb94df7b8392d385143
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    first try with sRGB.

commit 3cafb91124a0c4c23cb34a250f1631223e200ae5
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    new skybox to see how the lighting behaves.

commit 44079fbb5c11d5b4f941ec1aeffab8596457b659
Author: Matthias Krüger <>
Commit: Matthias Krüger <>

    map: xoylent_ctf: add a few more lights

commit 0a08dc3269d9433f21e05f71c24d86afca0214de
Author: Matthias Krüger <>
Commit: Matthias Krüger <>

    maps: xoylent_ctf: fix alignment of middle arc texture

commit 9c5f613efe894a1438cb31ff8c0ec3e990bab3d2
Author: Matthias Krüger <>
Commit: Matthias Krüger <>

    xoylent ctf:  -bounce 8 -lightmapsize 2048

commit d35a1d75aceb365c7672e2a31ced9bba376f4df7
Merge: 2988181 bd4eebf
Author: Matthias Krüger <>
Commit: Matthias Krüger <>

    Merge branch 'master' into kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf

commit 2988181cbe8bb272af5b75c20c468659f1808783
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    ok, this should fix that damn leak.

commit d8b2efd35a3e43a52e30e129674eb67bebc27373
Merge: f1c1991 5877576
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    Merge branch 'kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf' of ssh:// into kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf

commit f1c19914ba2104150d16c600805a06124ebca300
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    Fix the leak.

commit 58775765823b8624b3811fb2a910868a1e1f4902
Author: Rudolf Polzer <>
Commit: Rudolf Polzer <>

    Retry screenshot.

commit 3432bd9402892e2a6dcb7e99103a383cc1147b98
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    new map picture, mapinfo update, and some small changes in the map itself.

commit bd10d5638bc5b82f00132e47702967b8dc3c9da7
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    setting two custom suns to try to fix the lighting issues

commit 2c3abd2d8590479bceb8c59babc4d28d7b8d0924
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    added more team colors around, made it possible to jump over the top arch.

commit f69d83bfed9d8abec2ad3276531c764f4c5379cd
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    trying to fix the last commit

commit b68a7869dfb031dfdf89e1eaedc2706af3670227
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    some lighting changes, first try to fix the upper area issues, remove easteregg for now, add autoscreenshot entity, some clipping for better flow.

commit 8fe26f0e61867861e920c8a37978115c96ce5d5b
Author: kuniuthefrogg <>
Commit: kuniuthefrogg <>

    xoylent CTF-izied

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