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[xonvote] #259 - Rework the loading screens and transform them into images that show off... (by halogene)

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Status:FeedbackStart date:06/29/2014
Priority:LowDue date:
Assignee:halogene% Done:


Target version:0.8


Poll 259 by halogene

Rework the loading screens and transform them into images that show off the beauty of Xonotic's graphics while also communicating basic mechanics of Xonotic gameplay (such as laser jumping or non-obvious weapon features)

The poll passed with 7:0 majority. 16 users abstained the poll.

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List of votes

Name Vote Comment
Archer-- abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Debugger abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
FruitieX abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Gatts abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
IDWMaster abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
It`sMe abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
JH0nny abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Mario` yes ideally, it should show the map about to be played, but random images would be fine
Mirio yes
Morphed yes
Nitroxis yes
Soe1en abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
Sydes abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
bitbomb abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
detrate abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
divVerent abstain It's a lot of work, should we really prioritize this? Otherwise nice idea, but let's first think about e.g. translation support and stuff.
halogene yes I would volounteer to actually create such images basing on what I did for the Newbie Corner (though attempting to do one-image-explanations), though that will require a short sentence explaining what is displayed somewhere off centre - I don't know if and how we would localize this.
kuniu_ abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
matthiaskrgr yes
s1lence abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
theShadow- abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)
unfa yes
ves abstain (auto-abstain due to inactivity)


#1 Updated by halogene about 1 month ago

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  • Target version set to 0.8

I'll try to come up with an example of how I intended to implement this and let's see if it turns out good enough.

#2 Updated by Samual about 1 month ago

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  • Status changed from New to Feedback

I reject any normal text embedded into the images (like the loading screens designed by Taoki)-- they're unmaintainable, untranslatable, unscalable, and don't match the rest of the game in terms of sharpness or other settings for the font. It's possible to implement this into the engine with a proper loading screen implementation, so do that instead.

#3 Updated by Samual about 1 month ago

Additionally, if you're going to show a picture of game levels, it must be the one you're loading or a generic one which is not showing a specific game level... Otherwise it's confusing as to why it shows a picture of i.e. Stormkeep while you're actually loading Aero or such.

#4 Updated by halogene about 1 month ago

Agree for the embedding of normal text into the image. I can't implement a system to put text in front of an image into the engine myself, so I'll need to separate that task and assign it to someone else.

As for showing a picture of the map that is currently being loaded, we can of course do so but since I intended to show various basic gameplay techniques that means I will have to produce a couple of images for each map (for example laser jumping, rocket guiding...). That of course is a hell of a lot more work to do than the initial plan.

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