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git servers break backwards compatibility with 0.7.0 clients

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0.7.0 clients using translated csprogs messages cannot join git servers because of a CSQC error triggered by notification message checks.

This bug is introduced by commit ae8386a which marks a transition from linefeed-ended messages to messages without linefeed. Prior to ae8386a, messages had to end in \n, whereas after ae8386a messages may not end in \n.

This means that clients using translation files from 0.7.0 can not join git servers due to linefeeds being present. As for english, the messages are built into CSQC and should therefore always be compatible with the checks.

Bug was reported in http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=5031


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This affects the italian translation for sure, but apparently not the french one.

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