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Requesting write access: have change that grants major performance improvement

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Hey, I'm Alex from the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver team.

As you may know, currently, fading coronas based on visibility requires synchronous rendering because of the CPU-round trip involved with query objects.

However, the extension ARB_query_buffer_object ( allows for query results to be stored in a buffer on the GPU for use in a shader. Using this, it is possible to move corona fading to the fragment shader and prevent synchronous rendering.

I have implemented this change locally, and ran a benchmark on Ultra at 1920x1200 on my test machine. Before the change, it gets an average of 233 fps. After the change, 387 fps. Quite a difference. I'd like to contribute this change, so would you mind granting me write access?



ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDAORd712FIoz8SIRT8f3HXXm/jYMkAmCbNthmW3xZNgEYC3oykw2wiTahp37mRwofZY7IxB48F/nU/jZaI2n1uOgKq/Bcve4GEwFc/F2AcqRW44AzEvtUGg5oMjCslvZfArWc1oc1ZYgs8ysQbFSmkn+AotZGGwxzhY9vKyMIZvQ1tNrlUiTiu9emmT2LJK9kzO2UCFdp+Au23QhrT1X0K9sVmbsao/H99zyHqWYb4bzmdDHyjQFhqZ+EKK+uARKZDhqUnZVtXtHe40TEUkpFiF/2XXE1bUqMGMR4WK9RN6Gop9LoxQZvUkVdS2rZZtXq/y5Xsu/nHYadDWH4r5KKL agoins@agoins-dt


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Hello Alex,

Thank you for your interest and your work on Xonotic.

We are currently in the process of moving our Git infrastructure over to

Although it is not clear in our current documentation, the best way to submit patches would be to sign up for gitlab (or use OAuth with your gmail/github account). It would be helpful if you could submit your patches this way, so we can start moving off our current Git setup.

If you encounter any trouble, please just post your patches here and they will be reviewed and committed with the proper attribution.

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Okay, I've requested write access on Gitlab.


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