Feature #215

Cvars to be whitelisted for pure servers

Added by merlijn over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:12/25/2010
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Category:Game Logic
Target version:1.0


In the 0.1.0 preview we have started with the concept of pure servers, this is to identify which servers have not changed core elements of game. They therefore are guaranteed to have the same gameplay as other pure servers. This works by whitelisting cvars or groups of cvars that are allowed to be changed without affecting gameplay.

Currently many of them are not yet whitelisted, simply because we have too many cvars to manually go through them all. This tracker item is intended to request whitelisting of new cvars that do not affect gameplay, and thus should be allowed to change by server admins who would like to maintain a pure server.


#1 Updated by merlijn over 3 years ago

For server admins, you can request which cvars are not whitelisted yet by doing: "cmd cvar_purechanges" when connected to the server.

First request of some cvars:


forced respawn and spawnshieldtime may be changing the gameplay a little, but I think these are okay to whitelist.

#2 Updated by divVerent over 3 years ago

Spawnshieldtime... don't really agree that this should differ on "pure" servers. We must enforce SOME coherence, not everyone should adjust gameplay to make it a different game.

The others are fine and added.

#3 Updated by ItsMe almost 3 years ago

sv_allowdownloads should be whitelisted, too

[2011-10-22 12:15:45] // this server runs at modified gameplay settings:
[2011-10-22 12:15:45] sv_allowdownloads "0" // "1" 

pk3 downloads via http and the download of csprogs.dat still works with sv_allowdownloads 0

But it prevents downloads of other server files... eg bots.txt - cmd download bots.txt

#4 Updated by divVerent almost 3 years ago

I instead changed default of sv_allowdownloads. This was always meant to be 0, somehow this changed to 1. Fixed it in master.

#5 Updated by divVerent over 2 years ago

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Looks like no new ones surfaced for a while. Should be fine then.

#6 Updated by ItsMe over 2 years ago

I have two other cvars which should be whitelisted:

[2011-12-03 12:56:01] // this server runs at modified gameplay settings:
[2011-12-03 12:56:01] rescan_pending "1" // "0" 
[2011-12-03 12:56:01] sv_namechangetimer "30" // "5" 

#7 Updated by divVerent over 2 years ago

They're added now.

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