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Umbra Player Model

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Target version:1.0


Thanks to Oblivion we will have new player models for Xonotic.
Also thanks to tZork with texture help which makes it look MUCH better in game.

Here are a few screenshots of the model in game:

I will post a video soon with animations.


#1 Updated by DiaboliK over 4 years ago

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So here's a video of some animations I made for Umbra: http://omploader.org/vM3Ztbg/dpvideo001.ogv

I know some animations still need work especially strafing and also this is my first time animating ever so please be constructive with your criticism.

#2 Updated by MirceaKitsune over 4 years ago

Looks good and on the right track, I like. Especially the head design and long coat collar.

Imo it will need more changes though. From a few angles he kinda gives the feel of an old man in pijamas, possibly due to the skinny look. I think the clothing needs to be more thick... maybe something like a jacket suit.

With that he could have larger gloves and boots instead of the small shoes. Some large black boots going close to the knee perhaps, and same but shorter for the gloves.

Another suggestion about the head: Putting something like a gas mask valve where the mouth comes, but discrete. Maybe just a set of holes in triangular shape or something of the sort. Just my 2 cents... otherwise I like this model :)

PS. I wonder if cubemap reflections work for our version of Darkplaces, as they seem to for the ported version Illfonic uses. If so some cubemap reflections for this model could be awesome :)

#3 Updated by DiaboliK over 4 years ago

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alright so i have a pk3 of the model for you guys to test. problem is you need a recent engine that supports iqm and currently nexuiz doesnt support it in svn. ill include a progs.dat so that it can be testable hopefully but you still need to build a new engine.

#4 Updated by DiaboliK over 4 years ago

forgot to actually include the pk3 link: http://omploader.org/vM3dqcQ

#5 Updated by tZork over 4 years ago

fyi: images are not permlinks, i purge that dir every now and then. if you want to keep em reload em someplace safe.

#6 Updated by DiaboliK over 4 years ago

you can now test this model properly using the git xonotic branch now that iqm support has been added. just stick in your data folder and in console type "playermodel models/player/umbra.iqm"

#7 Updated by DiaboliK over 4 years ago

There is a branch diabolik/umbraplayermodel in git to test.

#8 Updated by DiaboliK over 4 years ago

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Waiting for pants to glow :P

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