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So, this map has been floating in my head for a while, but never got enough time or inspiration to finish it.


The 3 shapes of grey should indicate the height of the map: the darker, the heighter, so from the 0. floor to 3 the map has 4 levels.
The boxy shapes with an arrow inside should indicate a ramp or stairs, from where you can move from one floor to another.
The boxy things with two arrow are "trapdoors", that only open if you shoot them.

Some time ago I've posted some screenshots on the AT forum, how I imagine the map:


Too bad, I think I've lost the mapsources (it was a hallway anyway).

Suggestions welcomed, aka DISCUSS!

Started working:



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http://pics.nexuizninjaz.com/images/22ur1b0w2mdjgttx8pgu.jpg Sorry, this was the original image I wanted to post.

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IIRC you actually did end up making this map, right? facility 114 or something like that?

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Nope, never finished the map. Map workname was "fanatic"

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