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Added by Mirio about 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Target version:-


I collected all files from the Development section in the forum. ~486 MB
Contains 60 songs + a list with artist/title/forum url/download url, if you want it:

NOTE: Minkovsky just released v2 of "Planetary Evacuation"


#1 Updated by Mirio about 3 years ago

"Inverted" and "Robot Head" by unfa (both songs) files are apparently broken.

Inverted download:

Robot Head download:


#2 Updated by divVerent about 3 years ago

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I created the poll. Thanks!

The following tracks from the rar are not included due to lack of source:

./unfa/unfa - Inverted 4.ogg
./unfa/unfa - Beat 1.ogg
./unfa/unfa - No more-5.ogg
./unfa/unfa - Brainwashing machine 2.ogg
./unfa/unfa - Dance to the Gunfire 2.ogg
./unfa/unfa - Regression.ogg
./Professor Kliq/Professor Kliq - Shifting Focus.wav
./chooksta/monks of nex2.ogg
./chooksta/samual ftw.mp3
./chooksta/nifrek chillin and resting.mp3
./chooksta/angry c bowels.ogg
./chooksta/choo choo.ogg
./chooksta/rad beef.ogg
./chooksta/uncle irc.ogg
./chooksta/i z ya soon.ogg
./chooksta/doku dance.ogg
./chooksta/Z FUNK.ogg
./chooksta/tyer tlook ti tgot tnuttin.ogg
./chooksta/0o bloody aliens are back again.ogg
./chooksta/derp step.mp3
./chooksta/where you at.ogg
./chooksta/battle is over bass.mp3
./chooksta/halogen lights chookys t.ogg
./Minkovsky/Planetary Evacuation Instrument Map.ods
./Minkovsky/Infinity Shore.ogg
./Minkovsky/FUTURE IN THE PASTv2.ogg
./Minkovsky/Planetary Evacuation.ogg

They can be requested to be included in the next poll by their authors if source is provided. They were NOT rejected because of how they sound - just a formality!

#3 Updated by divVerent about 3 years ago

Addition: the mmpz file in there is because that track has source, but lacks original. Someone else can fix that one too - when opening the mmpz in LMMS, it tells about 5 missing plugins. Someone could find these, download them, and then render the track with them. GPL-wise this is fine, the data has been provided as proper source, and the GPL does not require the software to be included too.

#4 Updated by divVerent about 3 years ago

I found source for umcdts, but the poll is already running. It will be in the next one.

#5 Updated by Minkovsky about 3 years ago

Sources for most of the songs I shared here are available in their mediafire folder, right here:
This includes:

Experial May.mmpz
Planetary Evacuation.mmpz
three.mmpz → "Three Point Fourteen" 

I can't seem to locate sources for Infinity Shore, so just leave that one out. The files that are there are the songs' newest versions.

Also: ./Minkovsky/Planetary Evacuation Instrument Map.ods - that's a spreadsheet, not a song!

#6 Updated by qubodup about 2 years ago

unfa - Cutting Edge has its source from for example. More songs by that artist can be probably found on that site using "song name site:" in google.

#7 Updated by qubodup about 2 years ago

PS: however, note the license (I just now realized that it has a noncommercial license)

Also available in: Atom PDF