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Map: Castles [Codenser]

Added by Cuinnton over 4 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:03/29/2010
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Target version:0.8


Originally submitted by FruiteX.

Will be adding more detail, optimizing performance, fixing flow issues and unnecessary hiding spots.
Then passing it back to FruiteX for lighting tweaks and final compile.

castles_v2r2_beta.pk3 (4.07 MB) Cuinnton, 04/22/2010 06:19 am


#1 Updated by payne over 4 years ago

dont focus on the visuals, focus on the gameplay.

btw, the name doesnt fit at all

#2 Updated by FruitieX over 4 years ago

Visuals need to be improved here for sure, many things like the topmost walls are very ugly iirc.

However as it was suggested, gameplay should be focused on.
I would suggest scaling the entire map down by maybe as much as 0.6x-0.75x (as q3map2 flag, do NOT do this in radiant please!), and making the small parts a bit bigger so that you can still fit through just fine. The castles remake as it is now is a bit too scaled up, and thus does not have the same fast gameplay feeling as the original map.

#3 Updated by Cuinnton over 4 years ago

I agree with both comments, :) i most certainly will not try to improve to over sized map by using jump pads for example.

#4 Updated by payne over 4 years ago

this map is broken by design, the layout could be improved drasticly

#5 Updated by Cuinnton over 4 years ago

Please specify what you mean by this. I will upload a beta soon. So far I've scaled the whole level manually added more detail, and am leaning towards swapping the positions of nex with the mg to improve balance between the paths between flags.

#6 Updated by Cuinnton over 4 years ago

Can I please get everyone's opinions on this new layout. I have scaled the level much closer to the original, relocated the flag area and made many other tweaks.

The blue base is the side edited. I know there are a few graphics errors and silly sticking points, but I'm really interested in what people think of the new layout and weapon placement. There are many more paths to which you can retrieve the flag, while preventing the player form making 3 second caps across the top like the original.


Also FruiteX feel free to do an edit. I'm having my 21st this w/e and am having some time off :)

#7 Updated by Cuinnton over 4 years ago

NOTE bases are asymmetrical cause i have only edited the blue base! The level will be symmetrical!

#8 Updated by FruitieX over 4 years ago


Much better layout, one thing i noticed though was the vent pipe on the red side.... Are you going to get rid of this, or will you try to move it to the blue side somehow? (I'd want it, it's a nice idea!)

Doing some work on this when I find some time for that (probably wed)

#9 Updated by payne over 4 years ago

please rename it, the name doesnt fit and drop this cryptic vXrX stuff. Thats makes it harder to vote for a map then just with the name.

#10 Updated by Cuinnton over 4 years ago


- Thankyou. i think the aim should be to make all entries and exits to base all equally advantaged. (One having a lot of health and amour, one having good weapons and one being stealthy for example.)

- I was experimenting with the vent. If you think you can fit one in with the new layout go for it. Otherwise ill give it a shot.

- the pipe "jump pads" need some steam coming out of them :)

- If you like you could release your next revision as v2r2 so we can get it tested on some servers.


- i agree a name change would be in order. i think if it is a level that will enter the game it should be a literal as possible. My artistic plan for this level was for it to be the apart of the cooling complex for a old nuclear reactor or something. In the _skybox i was thinking of inserting nuclear cooling towers towers. http://www.birchimages.co.uk/galleryimages/Power%20station%20cooling%20towers_1.jpg
so some names could be something along the lines of... cooling station, radiator, condenser. I quite like condenser

- as far a voting, when i vote dm_castle on a server for example all I have to type is 'vcall chmap dm'. Usually there are no problems with multiple versions or similar names on servers. its a shame tab doesn't work like it does with "map dm_castle"

#11 Updated by FruitieX almost 4 years ago

Theme has to be changed to a more sci-fi style if this is going to make it into the release.

#12 Updated by FruitieX almost 4 years ago

  • % Done changed from 70 to 60

#13 Updated by mand1nga over 3 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.0 to Later

#14 Updated by Samual over 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from Later to 0.8

#15 Updated by Debugger over 1 year ago

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Its called 'Condenser' now and requires some work still. I need to find the latest .pk3 first :P

#16 Updated by Mirio over 1 year ago

  • Subject changed from Map: Castles to Map: Castles [Codenser]

You can find it on our server.

Besides that I took a look around it with Samual and kuniu and we where not too sure, if this map should get a high priority over other maps.

#17 Updated by Mirio about 1 year ago

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Need to discuss it in the team.

#18 Updated by Mirio 12 months ago

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Needs a poll as well.

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