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Fix forum icons

Added by C.Brutail over 4 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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lopho has kindly fix the forums icons for us:


silkicons.tar.bz2 (54.7 KB) lopho, 06/02/2010 07:39 am


#1 Updated by PlasmaSheep over 4 years ago

As has been said, the [[http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/|original icons]] are preferable to what he's done there. As an added bonus, those icons also have emoticons. These should be used instead of the current or suggested ones.

#2 Updated by lopho about 4 years ago

i scraped together all icons used in the forum from the silk pack, and bundled them up.
Unfortunately the forum uses gif icons, and gif icons cant handle alpha transparency very well (almost not at all).
So in the pack i included the original .png and the converted .gifs of the icons.

but i must say, the converted gifs dont look much better than the ones used now.

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I have to reopen this, as the forum icons are back to the ugly white bordered ones. Not sure when it happened, but I just noticed it.

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Can't fix this myself. Assigning this to antibody by default.

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