Bug #662

Problems with outdated configs

Added by naryl almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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A lot of players don't remove old configs when they stop playing Xonotic. Then a new version comes out they download and start it with their old configs and see a lot of things broken.

I suggest implementing some king of config versioning system. Version should be incremented when the game receives some change which may be broken with old configs. Then when a new client is started with outdated configs it should ask the player to reset the configs (one-click) or continue at one's own risk.


#1 Updated by divVerent almost 3 years ago

We already have a config update system.

Thing is - we do not KNOW which changes did cause breakage. When doing such changes INTENTIONALLY, we do set up the config updating for it.

#2 Updated by divVerent almost 3 years ago

11:26:37 @divVerent | can we get the config.cfg from users who had such a problem
11:26:46 @divVerent | so I can try it out and find the problematic cvars?

This would help us set them up right in the config update system.

#3 Updated by shackra almost 3 years ago

I have this bug too :(, is awful to rename your old configuration to have Xonotic working right

#4 Updated by divVerent over 2 years ago

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Looks like no cvars were found.

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