Bug #841

Loose verticle while crouching

Added by C.Brutail almost 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:11/29/2011
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Target version:1.0


I've discovered this on Nyx: a verticle is on loose while crouching. nifrek says he has discovered this on other models too, I haven't (though I didn't looked either, so he might be right).
While it is realy hard to see, and might not be even seen on screenshots or videos, the bug is still there. nifrek says it's not there in blender, so he suspects it's rather a bug in iqm export.



#1 Updated by nifrek over 2 years ago

I've done some playermodel exporting lately with most recent version of iqm exporter and this glitch is happening still. I'd like to be able to fix this, but I have no clue because as mentioned the loose vertex isn't there in Blender, only once in game. It's obvious that when crouching there is a lot of extreme bending/streching happening, that can't be helped, maybe the glitch happens because the engine doesn't like that?

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Can you try with DarkPlaces from master? There is a possible fix for this there, but I did not dare to merge this fix to xonotic-stable for 0.6 yet as it may be breaking other iqm models.

#4 Updated by C.Brutail over 2 years ago

I'll test it when I get home.

#5 Updated by C.Brutail over 2 years ago

I tried darkplaces from master, the bug is still there for all variants of Seraphina:



I'll look if any other models have glitches somewhere else

#6 Updated by divVerent over 2 years ago

LordHavoc said this very likely is a model issue. If any vertex is not associated to any bone, or if a vertex's weights don't add up to 1, then this can happen.

#7 Updated by C.Brutail about 2 years ago

So um... yes, the model is b0rk3d:


Also, nifrek said it is very hard to fix, because if we modify the mesh, the uvmap has to be redone too :(

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