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1950 XonoticBugNormalNewGetting stuck if standing where exploding barrels respawn.EnginedivVerent0.8
1949 XonoticBugLowNewTypo in command description for cl_reticle_stretchDocumentationdivVerent0.8
1948 XonoticBugNormalNewPlayers getting stuck on models
1947 XonoticBugNormalNewFont loading broken on Linux @ 0.7.0 + beta buildGraphics
1946 XonoticBugHighNewPath to session lock broken in Windows bundleConfigurationSamual
1945 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic:terencehill/sdl_compilation: a S merge request: Add missing dependency for sdl compilation under mingw32
1944 XonstatFeatureNormalNewShow "daily stats" on the frontpageWebpageantibody
1943 XonoticBugNormalNewNotification cvar descriptions issuesSamual
1942 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #244 - Initially, display changed cvars only when opening the "advanced settings" dialog. Search... (by halogene)
1941 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #242 - replace "cvar filter" in "advanced settings dialog" with "search for" to make... (by halogene)
1940 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/name_colors: a M merge request: For consistency, use white color before the player's name instead of yel...
1939 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/flag_stuck_fix: a S merge request: Fixes 2 well known CTF issues; flag getting stuck if the spawn is inside...
1938 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/teamswitch_fix2: a S merge request: Another fix for team switching, with proper team values.
1937 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/monster_updates: a L merge request: Fixes some issues with monsters and invasion
1936 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/gametype_votes: a L merge request: Adds a gametype vote screen before the map vote screen for easy gametype...terencehill
1935 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #240 - Add more values to the FPS limiter sliders. Lots of monitors run... (by CuBe0wL)
1934 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:terencehill/sv_defaultcharacter_fix: a S merge request: Access sv_defaultplayer* cvars appending the untranslated team color str...
1933 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:terencehill/verbose_notification_fix: a S merge request: Fix verbose notifications not working properly
1932 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewdarkplaces:terencehill/color_code_editing: a S merge request: Console edit line: make the color code visible when the cursor is inside...divVerent
1931 XonoticFeatureNormalNewI suggest a feature for saving/loading key bindings profiles, and an button in Input Settings that reset key bindings to the default keyboard and mouse controls.
1930 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:terencehill/menu_langwarning: a M merge request: Apply the selected language, restarting the menu, only if it's different...
1929 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:terencehill/menu_translation_percentage: a M merge request: Split the Text Language listbox into two separate columns: name on the l...
1928 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/hook_typo_fix: a M merge request: Fixes a typo in the bot role mutator hook.
1927 XonoticFeatureNormalNewLabels for collected weaponsHUDMrTopHat
1926 XonoticBugNormalFeedbacknotification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY 2 doesn't workSamual0.8
1923 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #235 - No longer require GPL2 on contribution, "GPL3 or any later version" is... (by divVerent)
1922 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #234 - Migrate to CC-BY-SA license for maps by for now requiring... (by divVerent)
1921 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #233 - Continue to insist that gameplay must not be broken through warpzones. New... (by divVerent)
1920 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #232 - Never allow on default maps the placement of warpzones unless their presence... (by Samual)
1919 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #231 - Create a blog post and forum announcement about promoting support for (by Samual)
1918 XonoticBugNormalNewHagar secondary releases whenever you don't have enough ammo for a full chargeGameplaySamual0.8
1917 XonoticBugNormalNewAdjust Crylinks secondary ammoGameplaySamual0.8
1916 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #229 - make bot barrel handling more intelligent (for example only shoot barrels if... (by matthiaskrgr)
1915 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #227 - Remove non-teamplay modes from dance. It's a CTF map, doesn't even... (by Mario`)
1914 XonoticBugNormalNewnexballarena: tiny z-fightMapsMirio
1912 XonoticBugNormalNewwrong .team_forced check0.8
1911 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #226 - Somehow fix being able to ramp up points in CTF while alone... (by divVerent)
1910 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #225 - Unban Calinou from #xonotic, I believe he has made an effort to... (by Samual)
1908 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #224 - Spend time on adding useless waypoint detection to the autowaypointer, so we... (by divVerent)
1906 XonoticBugNormalNewPlayername in XDF above playermodel not visible
1905 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #174 - Rename MinstaNex to "Vaporizer" (see also (by Samual)
1904 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #173 - [xonstat] Have rank-icon (e.g. gold/silver/bronze crown = ranks 1... (by zykure)
1903 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #175 - Rename Nex to "Vortex" (see also where I... (by Samual)
1900 XonoticBugNormalNewcolor/shirt parts of skin disappear when killed, leaving ugly black spots behindModels
1899 XonoticSupportNormalNewRepository AccessRepositorySamual
1898 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #218 - Disable respawnjitter on powerups by default (by Mirio)
1895 xonvoteFeatureNormalIn Progress[xonvote] #215 - Set g_ctf_respawn_delay depending on the number of players in... (by halogene)
1894 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #211 - Encourage server admins to use a non default port number in server.cfg... (by divVerent)
1893 XonoticBugNormalNewx-axis seems changed
1892 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #210 - Default to r_ambient 0, and instead shun all maps with pitch... (by divVerent)

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