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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
2022 XonoticSupportUrgentNewRequesting write access: have change that grants major performance improvementRepositorydivVerent
1745 XonoticBugUrgentNewStats not working, "Encryption: N/A (auth library missing)"Nikoli0.8
1324 XonoticBugUrgentFeedbackDropped weapons flicker sometimesGame LogicSamual0.8
656 XonoticBugUrgentFeedbackmodplug dll is brokenSamual1.0
229 XonoticBugUrgentIn ProgressFreezetag bugsGame Logicterencehill1.0
209 XonoticBugUrgentNewMine layer texture still reads "Placeholder Texture"GraphicsMorphed1.0
2006 XonoticBugHighNewMove OS X build to SDL2.divVerent
1965 XonoticBugHighFeedbackplayer collision - movement is stuttering on ramps and at wallsEnginedivVerent0.8
1946 XonoticBugHighNewPath to session lock broken in Windows bundleConfigurationSamual
1807 XonoticBugHighIn ProgressOnslaught support on runningmanctf brokenMapsMirio0.8
1658 TranslationsFeatureHighNewTest and add Dutch translationSamual0.8
1518 XonoticBugHighNewThrown weapons appear to fall into the floor at firstGraphics0.8
1502 TrackerFeatureHighNewChange dev tracker theme to fit Xonotic style more0.8
1500 ForumsBugHighNewForum login box doesn't retrieve user/pass-z-
1403 XonstatBugHighNewserver hostname length restrictionsWebpageantibody
1368 XonoticBugHighFeedbackBots do not move around anymore, don't use waypoints.Bots0.8
1351 XonoticBugHighNewTexture corruption with Intel graphicsGraphics0.8
1319 XonoticFeatureHighIn ProgressCSQC VehiclesVehiclestZork1.0
1262 XonoticBugHighNewChanging name in Player Setup menu spams name changes.Menu0.8
1248 XonoticBugHighNewCharacter keys outside of latin1 codepage cannot be boundEngine0.8
1242 XonoticBugHighIn ProgressGrappling hook still attached after func_breakable has been destroyedMapsMirio0.8
1231 XonoticBugHighNewRocket ammo model has no bottom sideGraphicsMorphed1.0
1150 XonoticBugHighNewNo sound at all if enemy is far awaySounds1.0
1147 XonoticFeatureHighIn ProgressInclude .desktop files to ease maintenance in official distro repositoriesRepository1.0
1139 XonoticBugHighFeedbackMinstanex primary is too loudSounds0.8
628 XonoticFeatureHighNewTeam Spectator ModeGame Logic0.8
552 XonoticFeatureHighNewPrecache GLSL shader glsl/default.glslEngine0.9
251 XonoticFeatureHighIn ProgressNew weapon: Lightning gunGameplaySamual1.0
21 XonoticFeatureHighIn ProgressBrandingGraphics1.0
2021 XonoticBugNormalNewNorton anti-malware reportEngine

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