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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
2022 XonoticSupportUrgentNewRequesting write access: have change that grants major performance improvementRepositorydivVerent
2021 XonoticBugNormalNewNorton anti-malware reportEngine
2020 XonoticBugLowNewPitch of third person player model isn't predicted
2019 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #265 - Move the pickup bot into #xonotic on QN. #xonotic is very inactive,... (by dfdashh)
2018 XonoticBugNormalNewPath of Quake 3 textures is incorrect when loading maps
2017 XonoticBugNormalNewgit servers break backwards compatibility with 0.7.0 clientsGame LogicSamual
2016 XonoticSupportNormalNewTheShadow requesting repository access
2015 XonoticBugNormalNewPlayer model animations are too slow for the running speed
2014 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #264 - Make it possible for menuqc to draw the loading screen. Possibly via... (by divVerent)
2013 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #261 - Upgrade the loading screen function so it can place text onto the... (by halogene)
2009 XonoticBugNormalNewforce playermodels to mine not working on some serversGame Logic
2008 XonoticBugLowNewMove Linux build to SDL2.divVerent
2007 XonoticBugNormalNewMove Windows build to SDL2.divVerent
2006 XonoticBugHighNewMove OS X build to SDL2.divVerent
2002 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/ignore_files: an XS merge request: Adds some compiler files to the ignore list, so they can't be accidental...
1996 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:Mario/monsters: a M merge request: Allows mappers to place monsters on their map via NetRadiant entity menu...
1994 XonoticBugNormalNewMy teams bots in level 6Botsmand1nga
1993 XonoticBugNormalNewEngine segfault in R_SkinFrame_MarkUsedEnginedivVerent
1992 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #255 - Add a direct link to the Newbie Corner to the front page... (by halogene)
1991 XonoticBugNormalNewJumping up stairs not predicted
1989 XonoticBugNormalNewWeapon reloading sound in Overkill plays too soonSoundsbitbomb
1988 XonoticFeatureNormalNewVisual feedback for weapon reloadingHUDterencehill
1987 XonoticFeatureNormalIn ProgressVisual feedback for grenadeMario
1986 XonoticBugNormalNewStanding on a barrel's spawn point causes excessive server load
1985 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/race_cts_mutators: a L merge request: Moves race and CTS to the mutator system.
1984 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/mutators2: a M merge request: Moves mutator initialization into the mutators folder, so one doesn't ne...
1981 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #252 - After 0.8 release: Have another survey within the community similar to the... (by Mirio)
1980 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/buffs: a L merge request: Adds buffs to the game.
1977 XonoticBugNormalNewClones stuck on dead animationdivVerent
1972 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #251 - Add separate spawnpoints for spectators (not sure if already implemented, but our... (by divVerent)
1971 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #250 - Ban XSAX from #xonotic for one month (by MrBougo)
1969 XonoticSupportNormalNewRepository accessRepositorySamual
1967 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #247 - Allow non-core-team members who have proven themselves master access to... (by divVerent)
1964 XonoticFeatureNormalNewAnnouncer messages chained as opposed to mashed together in a violent horrible sound
1952 XonoticPatchesNormalNewRunningman ctf waypointsBotsmand1nga
1951 XonoticFeatureLowFeedbackmake teamkills cost more points, the more teamkills you already didGame Logic
1948 XonoticBugNormalNewPlayers getting stuck on models
1947 XonoticBugNormalNewFont loading broken on Linux @ 0.7.0 + beta buildGraphics
1946 XonoticBugHighNewPath to session lock broken in Windows bundleConfigurationSamual
1944 XonstatFeatureNormalNewShow "daily stats" on the frontpageWebpageantibody
1943 XonoticBugNormalNewNotification cvar descriptions issuesSamual
1942 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #244 - Initially, display changed cvars only when opening the "advanced settings" dialog. Search... (by halogene)
1941 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #242 - replace "cvar filter" in "advanced settings dialog" with "search for" to make... (by halogene)
1935 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #240 - Add more values to the FPS limiter sliders. Lots of monitors run... (by CuBe0wL)
1933 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:terencehill/verbose_notification_fix: a S merge request: Fix verbose notifications not working properlySamual
1932 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewdarkplaces:terencehill/color_code_editing: a S merge request: Console edit line: make the color code visible when the cursor is inside...divVerent
1931 XonoticFeatureNormalNewI suggest a feature for saving/loading key bindings profiles, and an button in Input Settings that reset key bindings to the default keyboard and mouse controls.
1923 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #235 - No longer require GPL2 on contribution, "GPL3 or any later version" is... (by divVerent)
1922 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #234 - Migrate to CC-BY-SA license for maps by for now requiring... (by divVerent)
1921 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #233 - Continue to insist that gameplay must not be broken through warpzones. New... (by divVerent)
1920 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #232 - Never allow on default maps the placement of warpzones unless their presence... (by Samual)
1919 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #231 - Create a blog post and forum announcement about promoting support for (by Samual)
1916 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #229 - make bot barrel handling more intelligent (for example only shoot barrels if... (by matthiaskrgr)
1915 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #227 - Remove non-teamplay modes from dance. It's a CTF map, doesn't even... (by Mario`)
1911 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #226 - Somehow fix being able to ramp up points in CTF while alone... (by divVerent)
1910 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #225 - Unban Calinou from #xonotic, I believe he has made an effort to... (by Samual)
1908 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #224 - Spend time on adding useless waypoint detection to the autowaypointer, so we... (by divVerent)
1906 XonoticBugNormalNewPlayername in XDF above playermodel not visible
1905 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #174 - Rename MinstaNex to "Vaporizer" (see also (by Samual)
1904 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #173 - [xonstat] Have rank-icon (e.g. gold/silver/bronze crown = ranks 1... (by zykure)
1903 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #175 - Rename Nex to "Vortex" (see also where I... (by Samual)
1900 XonoticBugNormalNewcolor/shirt parts of skin disappear when killed, leaving ugly black spots behindModels
1898 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #218 - Disable respawnjitter on powerups by default (by Mirio)
1895 xonvoteFeatureNormalIn Progress[xonvote] #215 - Set g_ctf_respawn_delay depending on the number of players in... (by halogene)
1894 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #211 - Encourage server admins to use a non default port number in server.cfg... (by divVerent)
1893 XonoticBugNormalNewx-axis seems changed
1892 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #210 - Default to r_ambient 0, and instead shun all maps with pitch... (by divVerent)
1891 XonoticBugNormalNewSegmentation fault @ Xonotic(git)divVerent
1890 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #202 - Put effort into finishing a vignette visual effect as part of the... (by Samual)
1889 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalFeedbackxonotic-data.pk3dir:terencehill/ca_fixes: a M merge request: This branch mainly fixes issues caused by improper detection of spectato...Samual
1885 XonoticBugNormalNewSegfault during map loading
1878 XonoticSupportNormalNewRepository AccessSamual
1877 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #200 - Once weapon and other changes are decided, rename and better organize weapon... (by Samual)
1873 XonoticBugNormalNewTank and ft!
1870 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #194 - Replace map specific "void falling" hacks (like deceleration) by a generic "blackout"... (by divVerent)
1869 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #192 - make dead bodies float UP in water (by divVerent)
1868 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #191 - Make it so that crouching players dive down to the ground faster... (by Samual)
1867 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #189 - Disallow crouching in water, have Shift (CROUCH) do swimdown and have Space... (by Samual)
1866 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #187 - Make gender selection exclusive from playermodel selection, this way players can select... (by Samual)
1865 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #186 - Remove "Weight", "Age", and description (but NOT "sex" YET) tokens from playermodel... (by Samual)
1864 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #185 - Enable damage from contents (lava, slime) in minstagib (seems weird that players... (by Mario`)
1863 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #184 - Make game servers default to a random port number decided on first... (by divVerent)
1862 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #183 - Add "is in another time zone" gag info message for CTS and... (by Samual)
1861 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #181 - Use waypointsprite edgeoffset 0.1 by default (set it in the menu with... (by Samual)
1860 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #180 - IDEA_PHASE: Put effort into polishing Catharsis (CTF) and adding it to... (by Mirio)
1859 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #178 - Rename "Minstagib" to "Instagib" -- the M is pointless. (by Samual)
1858 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #177 - Rename the "Hellion" turret to something else, and rename "Fireball" weapon to... (by Samual)
1857 XonoticBugLowFeedbackScoreboard type table bugHUDterencehill
1855 XonoticBugLowNewnetradiant crashes when selecting brushNetradiantdivVerent
1837 XonoticBugNormalNewxonotic-v0.7.0-479-gad8f3ce: Missing player models / textures
1836 XonoticBugLowNewSound of lava keeps on going after respawn
1835 XonoticFeatureNormalNewMake user content for newbies easier to find from the main page
1833 XonstatFeatureNormalNewAdd awards and damage given/received
1832 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/domination_roundbased: a RAGE merge request: Adds an option to score by rounds, rather than points per second. May ma...
1831 XonstatBugNormalNewXonStat Weapon Damage graph multiple issuesWebpageantibody
1830 XonstatBugNormalNewXonStat Weapon Accuracy 300% on graphWebpage
1821 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #176 - If a team mate attacks a turret repeatedly, we should have the... (by Samual)
1818 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #172 - Bring back size restriction, but then as .mapinfo feature and not .sizes... (by divVerent)
1813 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #160 - Simplify bullet code (no non-antilagged bullets, no gravity support, keep going... (by divVerent)
1812 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #165 - Get the functional weapon design changes that are frequently talked about into... (by divVerent)
1811 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #167 - During the change of ammo system (add LG/split cell ammo into... (by Mirio)
1774 TrackerFeatureNormalNewPersonal todo list?
1718 ForumsFeatureNormalNewDeferred/Lazy loading of YouTube embeds
1707 ForumsSupportNormalNewOffsite backups for the forumantibody
1700 XonstatFeatureNormalNewShow a birthday cake next to a player nick on their join anniversaryWebpageantibody
1665 XonstatFeatureNormalNewPlayer order on scoreboard in TDMXonstat Logicantibody
1649 ForumsBugNormalNewWord wrap breaks long urls such as those of that contain full SHA-1antibody
1636 TrackerSupportLowNewArchive the old/deprecated Wiki pages
1618 TranslationsFeatureNormalNewAutomate the syncing of the git repo for PootleSamual
1617 TranslationsSupportNormalNewIncrease the timeout setting for the Apache proxy to Pootleantibody
1522 ForumsFeatureNormalFeedbackRename Map Releases & Reviews into MappingForums cleanupantibody
1521 ForumsFeatureNormalFeedbackRemove Planning sectionForums cleanupantibody
1520 ForumsFeatureNormalFeedbackMerge Community Contest and TournamentsForums cleanupMrBougo
1516 XonstatFeatureLowNew"Most active maps" per gametypeWebpagezykure
1510 ForumsFeatureNormalFeedbackNew category: MediaForums cleanupMrBougo
1501 TrackerBugLowNewRemove the list of watchers-z-
1500 ForumsBugHighNewForum login box doesn't retrieve user/pass-z-
1499 ForumsFeatureNormalNewjQuery activated toggle for fixed or fluid width forum that stores to myBB cookie
1404 XonstatFeatureNormalNewStore available gametypes and mods in the server tableDatabaseantibody
1403 XonstatBugHighNewserver hostname length restrictionsWebpageantibody
1401 XonstatFeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd teamscoresWebpagezykure
1386 XonstatBugNormalNewrevision in server information page is not updatedantibody
1385 XonstatFeatureNormalNewAdd fields to support Freezetag and LMS to XonstatDBDatabaseantibody
1325 XonstatBugNormalNewBadges: Ranks not updated if player was inactiveantibody
1279 XonstatFeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd elo/kill/win graph or something similarWebpageantibody
1228 XonstatFeatureNormalNewShow weekly/monthly timer on the player_info pageantibody
1156 XonstatBugNormalNewGrappling Hook Hit % Messed Upantibody
1097 XonstatBugNormalIn ProgressSome unicode characters aren't translated in stripped_nickDatabaseantibody
1076 XonstatFeatureNormalNewSupport CTS rankingsDatabaseantibody
1056 XonstatFeatureNormalNewAdd ability to search by multiple nicks on the search page and also player profileServer Codeantibody
933 XonstatFeatureLowNewShow global averages and such for different stats (like accuracy)Databaseantibody
894 XonstatFeatureNormalNewStore impure cvar changes on the server tableDatabaseantibody
858 XonstatFeatureNormalNewShow gametype specific metrics per-serverWebpagezykure
790 XonstatBugNormalNewCreate a "blacklist" and "whitelist" modeServer Codeantibody
764 XonstatBugNormalNewLMS table broken in games viewWebpageantibody
747 XonstatFeatureNormalNewAccuaracy IdeasWebpagezykure
270 TrackerFeatureNormalNewInstall Gantt module on Redmine-z-
59 ForumsBugLowNewFix forum iconsantibody
2005 XonoticFeatureLowFeedback[xonvote] #259 - Rework the loading screens and transform them into images that show off... (by halogene)Menuhalogene0.8
2004 XonoticBugNormalNewArc keeps on going during demo replay pause/slowmoGameplaydivVerent0.8
2003 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:Mirio/map_updates: an XXL merge request: SilentSiege: Fix bugs 1679, 1705, 1708 (texture alignment, bot waypoints...divVerent0.8
2000 XonoticBugNormalNewChat icon goneGame LogicMario0.8
1999 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf: an XXL merge request: The map is waiting for it's final apporvement.divVerent0.8
1990 XonoticBugNormalIn ProgressInvisible gaps in FuseMapsMirio0.8
1966 XonoticPatchesNormalNewPrevent DNS hanging on startup0.8
1965 XonoticBugHighFeedbackplayer collision - movement is stuttering on ramps and at wallsEnginedivVerent0.8
1962 XonoticBugLowNewwhitelisted cvars - log_file_stripcolorsConfigurationdivVerent0.8
1950 XonoticBugNormalNewGetting stuck if standing where exploding barrels respawn.EnginedivVerent0.8
1936 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalFeedbackxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/gametype_votes: a L merge request: Adds a gametype vote screen before the map vote screen for easy gametype...divVerent0.8
1926 XonoticBugNormalFeedbacknotification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY 2 doesn't workSamual0.8
1918 XonoticBugNormalNewHagar secondary releases whenever you don't have enough ammo for a full chargeGameplaySamual0.8
1917 XonoticBugNormalNewAdjust Crylinks secondary ammoGameplaySamual0.8
1914 XonoticBugNormalIn Progressnexballarena: tiny z-fightMapsMirio0.8
1912 XonoticBugNormalNewwrong .team_forced check0.8
1882 XonoticBugNormalNewUndue server compilationToolsdivVerent0.8
1879 XonoticBugNormalNewCountdown message bugHUDdivVerent0.8
1856 XonoticFeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd freezetag support to darkzoneMapsMirio0.8
1848 update suggestionSamual0.8
1825 XonoticBugNormalNewGame crashes on maps with lots of warpzonesMario0.8
1820 XonoticSupportNormalNewRepository AccessRepositorySamual0.8
1817 xonvoteFeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #169 - Delete red-planet now. It was hidden in 0.7.0 to allow us... (by divVerent)0.8
1814 XonoticBugNormalNewAlternative CTF flags missing texturesGraphics0.8
1807 XonoticBugHighIn ProgressOnslaught support on runningmanctf brokenMapsMirio0.8
1798 XonoticBugNormalNewFlags fall through sandbox objects0.8
1797 XonoticBugLowNewChangeDisplaySettings Calls IncorrectEnginedivVerent0.8
1788 XonoticBugLowNewqc error executing the command gametype when unconnected0.8
1785 Xonotic Merge RequestsPatchesNormalNewAn IRC discussion of a merge request: divVerent/cullbox-cleanup in xonotic/darkplaces.gitSamual0.8
1746 XonoticFeatureLowIn ProgressImprove superspec options0.8
1745 XonoticBugUrgentNewStats not working, "Encryption: N/A (auth library missing)"Nikoli0.8
1738 XonoticBugNormalIn ProgressServer crashing when Vehicles set to capture flagVehiclesMario0.8
1733 XonoticFeatureNormalNewPause in singleplayerMenuSamual0.8
1731 XonoticBugNormalNewxonotic-dedicated should use only files required for serverEngineNikoli0.8
1724 XonoticFeatureNormalFeedbackAdd a GUI to adjust 'notification' settings in the menuMenuSamual0.8
1721 XonoticBugNormalNewrotating spawnpoints - effect location failsGame LogicSamual0.8
1717 TrackerFeatureNormalNewNetRadiant projectSamual0.8
1708 XonoticBugNormalNewSilent-Siege bot bugMapsMirio0.8
1705 XonoticBugNormalNewSilent-Siege texture alignmentMapsMirio0.8
1699 XonoticBugNormalNewDarkplaces engine not be used czech characters as key bindings.Engine0.8
1698 XonoticBugNormalNewexploding turrets leave no socket Samual0.8
1695 XonoticFeatureNormalNewAdd a button for reset key binds on the settings→input menuMenuSamual0.8
1689 XonoticBugNormalNewNotifications panel shows the strenght symbol when you pick up a superweaponHUDterencehill0.8
1685 XonoticBugNormalNewSimple Items disappearing with r_showsurfaces 3GraphicsSamual0.8
1679 XonoticBugNormalNewSilent-Siege map bugMapsMirio0.8
1672 TranslationsFeatureNormalNewAdd suport to Arabic languageSamual0.8
1671 XonoticBugLowNewZoom issue with Nex delay and weapon swappingGameplaySamual0.8
1664 XonoticFeatureNormalFeedbackAdvanced ChatHUDSamual0.8
1662 XonoticBugNormalFeedbackScoreboard font is fuzzy after changing default game resolutionHUDterencehill0.8
1659 XonoticBugNormalFeedbackMouse movement drags behind when using updated Catalyst drivers.Engine0.8
1658 TranslationsFeatureHighNewTest and add Dutch translationSamual0.8
1657 XonoticFeatureNormalNewput interesting information such as map name/ player position/ view angle etc into meta data of screenshots automaticallySamual0.8
1655 XonoticBugNormalNewthird person view crosshair fubarSamual0.8
1653 XonoticBugNormalNewweapon thrown through warpzone invisible0.8
1651 XonoticFeatureNormalNewLet g_weaponarena "1" use "all"ConfigurationSamual0.8
1647 TranslationsSupportNormalNewAdd support for Catalan language.Samual0.8
1643 XonoticBugLowNewList pop-up inconsistency between server and createMenuSamual0.8
1642 XonoticBugNormalNewCan't move mouse trigger if you connect while the map voting screenSamual0.8
1640 TranslationsFeatureNormalNewAdd JapaneseSamual0.8
1639 TranslationsFeatureNormalNewAdd LatinSamual0.8
1638 TranslationsFeatureNormalNewAdd BulgarianSamual0.8
1637 TranslationsFeatureNormalNewAdd BelarusianSamual0.8

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