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rabs, 05/08/2010 02:33 am

Community development

Dokujisan is forming a group called the XCT or Xonotic Community Team
This will be made up of a group of select people from each regional community (North america, Europe, Australia.

The purpose of XCT is to help plan and execute tasks related to community activity, such as building up clan activity and managing tournaments.

Dokujisan is the community director of Xonotic and his main role is to help establish the organization of community activities.
The activity that stems from the efforts of XCT won't be based on Dokujisan's decisions alone. The planning will be done in a group fashion.
Of course, the activities decide by those in XCT need to be okay with the rest of Team Xonotic.

So far, we have the following XCT members. These groups will group and change overtime.

North America
  • Dokujisan
  • Nifrek
  • PCLizard
  • DarthSparty
  • Agama

  • Kojn
  • SinSniper
  • thyr4ne
  • atheros

  • Hew
  • rabs

Latin America
  • mand1nga
  • iR3ul
  • Kita

Southeast Asia
  • to-be-determined

  • to-be-determined

Main elements of Xonotic community development

The following will have more detail added soon. For now, here is an overview

  1. Build interest from active players in clan activity
  2. Establish "Batcave" like servers for pickup matches and training
  3. Utilize the #xonotic.pickup channel for regular pickup matches
  4. Plan tournaments
  5. Create bootcamp training system for helping newcomers to jump to intermediate skill level quickly
  6. Constant effort to communicate to with players on public servers to generate interest in clan activity, pickup matches and tournaments

Community lists

We will use these lists to help with the steps of building community activity

North American

Clan members

  • f10: DarthSparty, Aport, Face, Calx, Blackmushroom, Kamar, Nixter, Phryg
  • MiT: PCLizard, Ares, Ghost, MadSkillz, Panzer, Om3ddr4g0n
  • Talionis (//T): Agama, AnnKittyKat, Scorpion, Surb, Claysm, Jean-Luc, Ulysses
  • Lunetist [+]: MaKR, Erusavion, Quadratic, Liquid-Sin
  • optimal [o]: Dokujisan
  • Machine Vision [mv]: klon, /dev/null, Peanut, lex


Clan members

People already in clans
  • [sh]accident
  • [sh]akoppet
  • [sh]atheros
  • [sh]naryl
  • [sh]L29Ah
  • [sh]lda17h
  • [sh]waterlaz
  • [LDB]BOnZa
  • [LDB]C.Brutal {X} {b}
  • [saxnbower] DIESCHOR
  • [unconnected]{GM}BizzyBeaver.de
  • [unconnected]Critic
  • ceMentic.kojn
  • ceMantic.kyre
  • ceMantic.Lo
  • ceMantic.vaan
  • blah//dante
  • [affro]ai
  • [affro]FruitieX
  • [affro]Morfar
  • [BOT]Mirio
  • [4ux.info]Terrorism


Public players who play regularly and are intermediate level or higher
  • s0rk
  • thyr4ne
  • macrobat
  • Halogene
  • your errors
  • r3ddi
  • no pasaran europe
  • GTA
  • Deity
  • Diske
  • SURO
  • IqpI
  • Omom
  • r3drum
  • Parp
  • Acciless
  • Stillz
  • Maidenbeast
  • kiwi
  • BeteNoire
  • Grunt
  • Red Dragon

Other, less known clans to contact

Clans I know nothing about other than they sometimes appear in game :)
  • [NFC] Shadowstrike, Darth Orion aka Kolum
  • [SaTaN]
  • [DSC] Sisay, smithy(=), It's Me ....
  • [pNp] Svetlana
  • [PK]
  • [DTG] Hypnosekroete, Mattias
  • [LoC]

Australia/New Zealand

Clanned Members

  • zero - harry_ftw, Charmander, ICE MAN, MDWGUNS, PAGEY, viscous
  • pride - rabs, Hew, Trev, deathdoG, Wolskie, 2stan
  • lzr - killquick, aurix, bones_was_here, wayno
  • ! - cuinnton, Viktor, ensignricky, B3RZ3RK
  • BH - CARNAG3, BOGAN, DUST'N'BONES, kaepora_gaebora, [clan]clan, alfredthetomato
  • Old Farts - CHOOKSTA, Turkey Shoot, Mickrip, Zoltan, Tinason, MONK, TurdMan2.0
  • ? - Lithrem, Weasel, Fishman
  1. Pub CTF - We have regular announcements about Upcoming Tournaments and Movement Trainings which helps new players get into the competitive fold.

Latin America

Players in clans

Intermediate or above players who are not in clans

Southeast Asia

Players in clans

  • MONK (he's in an aussie clan, but lives in Japan)

Intermediate or above palyers who are not in clans


Players in clans

Intermediate or above players who are not in clans