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Creating Maps


Creating maps requires the Netradiant, a gtkradiant based mapping program that generates .bsp files compiled by q3map2. It helps to have a well packaged map while reading through this article.

Map Packages

Maps are packaged as a .zip file with a .pk3 extension. They can be opened with any program that opens zip files. The pk3 gets loaded when you start the game, Xonotic. The engine, Darkplaces reads pk3 files as it would a normal files system. You can thus create a pk3 package with any files that the engine can normally read. (needs well packaged map example pk3)

Package Design

Naming Conventions

<mapname> should be alpha-numeric, lowercase with dashes, periods and underscores only,([a-z0-9-_.]+).pk3 -- preferably they are suffixed with a version and revision. Following this convention will yield better results from scripts that use this format to help distribute your map.

Required Files

maps/<mapname>.bsp - This is your compiled map file
maps/<mapname>.map - This is an open-source game, help others learn. This file is required to be in the game.
maps/<mapname>.mapinfo - This file has the meta information, global music track, gametype(s) and game settings
maps/<mapname>.jpg|png|tga - This file is a screenshot of your map. If you don't include this, you map doesn't have a picture in the menu or the voting screen for servers and angels cry.
maps/<mapname>.waypoints - This is required to be added to the game, it's a adding waypoints

Optional/Suggested Files

This is not an exhaustive list, remember, you can include almost any file that loads with a map. (needs list of files)

Files You Should Never Include


By including any of the files above, you could cause undesired results. Try and use common sense about how you're adding dimension to your map, if you have questions, ask for help.

Testing Maps

You can compile your map locally or on the build server. The build server (requires Repository Access) requires a <mapname>.mapoptions file. For more info check ask in #xonotic.editing on irc.quakenet.org

Maps on Servers

Find a server admin to add your map. (this section needs work)

Map Repositories

Maps must be properly packaged to be included in a repository

An official map repository is in the planning stages, please check back later or find help on IRC.


#xonotic.editing on irc.quakenet.org