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Toggle_check # Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
2005 FeatureLowFeedback[xonvote] #259 - Rework the loading screens and transform them into images that show off... (by halogene)Menuhalogene0.8
2004 BugNormalNewArc keeps on going during demo replay pause/slowmoGameplaydivVerent0.8
2003 PatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:Mirio/map_updates: an XXL merge request: SilentSiege: Fix bugs 1679, 1705, 1708 (texture alignment, bot waypoints...divVerent0.8
2000 BugNormalNewChat icon goneGame LogicMario0.8
1999 PatchesNormalNewxonotic-maps.pk3dir:kuniuthefrogg/xoylent_ctf: an XXL merge request: The map is waiting for it's final apporvement.divVerent0.8
1990 BugNormalIn ProgressInvisible gaps in FuseMapsMirio0.8
1966 PatchesNormalNewPrevent DNS hanging on startup0.8
1965 BugHighFeedbackplayer collision - movement is stuttering on ramps and at wallsEnginedivVerent0.8
1962 BugLowNewwhitelisted cvars - log_file_stripcolorsConfigurationdivVerent0.8
1950 BugNormalNewGetting stuck if standing where exploding barrels respawn.EnginedivVerent0.8
1936 PatchesNormalFeedbackxonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/gametype_votes: a L merge request: Adds a gametype vote screen before the map vote screen for easy gametype...divVerent0.8
1926 BugNormalFeedbacknotification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY 2 doesn't workSamual0.8
1918 BugNormalNewHagar secondary releases whenever you don't have enough ammo for a full chargeGameplaySamual0.8
1917 BugNormalNewAdjust Crylinks secondary ammoGameplaySamual0.8
1914 BugNormalIn Progressnexballarena: tiny z-fightMapsMirio0.8
1912 BugNormalNewwrong .team_forced check0.8
1882 BugNormalNewUndue server compilationToolsdivVerent0.8
1879 BugNormalNewCountdown message bugHUDdivVerent0.8
1856 FeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd freezetag support to darkzoneMapsMirio0.8
1848 update suggestionSamual0.8
1825 BugNormalNewGame crashes on maps with lots of warpzonesMario0.8
1820 SupportNormalNewRepository AccessRepositorySamual0.8
1817 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #169 - Delete red-planet now. It was hidden in 0.7.0 to allow us... (by divVerent)0.8
1814 BugNormalNewAlternative CTF flags missing texturesGraphics0.8
1807 BugHighIn ProgressOnslaught support on runningmanctf brokenMapsMirio0.8
1798 BugNormalNewFlags fall through sandbox objects0.8
1797 BugLowNewChangeDisplaySettings Calls IncorrectEnginedivVerent0.8
1788 BugLowNewqc error executing the command gametype when unconnected0.8
1785 PatchesNormalNewAn IRC discussion of a merge request: divVerent/cullbox-cleanup in xonotic/darkplaces.gitSamual0.8
1746 FeatureLowIn ProgressImprove superspec options0.8

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