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Toggle_check # Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
2021 BugNormalNewNorton anti-malware reportEngine
2020 BugLowNewPitch of third person player model isn't predicted
2018 BugNormalNewPath of Quake 3 textures is incorrect when loading maps
2017 BugNormalNewgit servers break backwards compatibility with 0.7.0 clientsGame LogicSamual
2015 BugNormalNewPlayer model animations are too slow for the running speed
2009 BugNormalNewforce playermodels to mine not working on some serversGame Logic
2008 BugLowNewMove Linux build to SDL2.divVerent
2007 BugNormalNewMove Windows build to SDL2.divVerent
2006 BugHighNewMove OS X build to SDL2.divVerent
1994 BugNormalNewMy teams bots in level 6Botsmand1nga
1993 BugNormalNewEngine segfault in R_SkinFrame_MarkUsedEnginedivVerent
1991 BugNormalNewJumping up stairs not predicted
1989 BugNormalNewWeapon reloading sound in Overkill plays too soonSoundsbitbomb
1986 BugNormalNewStanding on a barrel's spawn point causes excessive server load
1977 BugNormalNewClones stuck on dead animationdivVerent
1948 BugNormalNewPlayers getting stuck on models
1947 BugNormalNewFont loading broken on Linux @ 0.7.0 + beta buildGraphics
1946 BugHighNewPath to session lock broken in Windows bundleConfigurationSamual
1943 BugNormalNewNotification cvar descriptions issuesSamual
1906 BugNormalNewPlayername in XDF above playermodel not visible
1900 BugNormalNewcolor/shirt parts of skin disappear when killed, leaving ugly black spots behindModels
1893 BugNormalNewx-axis seems changed
1891 BugNormalNewSegmentation fault @ Xonotic(git)divVerent
1885 BugNormalNewSegfault during map loading
1873 BugNormalNewTank and ft!
1857 BugLowFeedbackScoreboard type table bugHUDterencehill
1855 BugLowNewnetradiant crashes when selecting brushNetradiantdivVerent
1837 BugNormalNewxonotic-v0.7.0-479-gad8f3ce: Missing player models / textures
1836 BugLowNewSound of lava keeps on going after respawn
1831 BugNormalNewXonStat Weapon Damage graph multiple issuesWebpageantibody
1830 BugNormalNewXonStat Weapon Accuracy 300% on graphWebpage
1649 BugNormalNewWord wrap breaks long urls such as those of that contain full SHA-1antibody
1501 BugLowNewRemove the list of watchers-z-
1500 BugHighNewForum login box doesn't retrieve user/pass-z-
1403 BugHighNewserver hostname length restrictionsWebpageantibody
1386 BugNormalNewrevision in server information page is not updatedantibody
1325 BugNormalNewBadges: Ranks not updated if player was inactiveantibody
1156 BugNormalNewGrappling Hook Hit % Messed Upantibody
1097 BugNormalIn ProgressSome unicode characters aren't translated in stripped_nickDatabaseantibody
790 BugNormalNewCreate a "blacklist" and "whitelist" modeServer Codeantibody
764 BugNormalNewLMS table broken in games viewWebpageantibody
59 BugLowNewFix forum iconsantibody
2004 BugNormalNewArc keeps on going during demo replay pause/slowmoGameplaydivVerent0.8
2000 BugNormalNewChat icon goneGame LogicMario0.8
1990 BugNormalIn ProgressInvisible gaps in FuseMapsMirio0.8
1965 BugHighFeedbackplayer collision - movement is stuttering on ramps and at wallsEnginedivVerent0.8
1962 BugLowNewwhitelisted cvars - log_file_stripcolorsConfigurationdivVerent0.8
1950 BugNormalNewGetting stuck if standing where exploding barrels respawn.EnginedivVerent0.8
1926 BugNormalFeedbacknotification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY 2 doesn't workSamual0.8
1918 BugNormalNewHagar secondary releases whenever you don't have enough ammo for a full chargeGameplaySamual0.8
1917 BugNormalNewAdjust Crylinks secondary ammoGameplaySamual0.8
1914 BugNormalIn Progressnexballarena: tiny z-fightMapsMirio0.8
1912 BugNormalNewwrong .team_forced check0.8
1882 BugNormalNewUndue server compilationToolsdivVerent0.8
1879 BugNormalNewCountdown message bugHUDdivVerent0.8
1825 BugNormalNewGame crashes on maps with lots of warpzonesMario0.8
1814 BugNormalNewAlternative CTF flags missing texturesGraphics0.8
1807 BugHighIn ProgressOnslaught support on runningmanctf brokenMapsMirio0.8
1798 BugNormalNewFlags fall through sandbox objects0.8
1797 BugLowNewChangeDisplaySettings Calls IncorrectEnginedivVerent0.8
1788 BugLowNewqc error executing the command gametype when unconnected0.8
1745 BugUrgentNewStats not working, "Encryption: N/A (auth library missing)"Nikoli0.8
1738 BugNormalIn ProgressServer crashing when Vehicles set to capture flagVehiclesMario0.8
1731 BugNormalNewxonotic-dedicated should use only files required for serverEngineNikoli0.8
1721 BugNormalNewrotating spawnpoints - effect location failsGame LogicSamual0.8
1708 BugNormalNewSilent-Siege bot bugMapsMirio0.8
1705 BugNormalNewSilent-Siege texture alignmentMapsMirio0.8
1699 BugNormalNewDarkplaces engine not be used czech characters as key bindings.Engine0.8
1698 BugNormalNewexploding turrets leave no socket Samual0.8
1689 BugNormalNewNotifications panel shows the strenght symbol when you pick up a superweaponHUDterencehill0.8
1685 BugNormalNewSimple Items disappearing with r_showsurfaces 3GraphicsSamual0.8
1679 BugNormalNewSilent-Siege map bugMapsMirio0.8
1671 BugLowNewZoom issue with Nex delay and weapon swappingGameplaySamual0.8
1662 BugNormalFeedbackScoreboard font is fuzzy after changing default game resolutionHUDterencehill0.8
1659 BugNormalFeedbackMouse movement drags behind when using updated Catalyst drivers.Engine0.8
1655 BugNormalNewthird person view crosshair fubarSamual0.8
1653 BugNormalNewweapon thrown through warpzone invisible0.8
1643 BugLowNewList pop-up inconsistency between server and createMenuSamual0.8
1642 BugNormalNewCan't move mouse trigger if you connect while the map voting screenSamual0.8
1634 BugNormalFeedbackServer crashes in CAGame Logicterencehill0.8
1633 BugNormalNewTranslation issuesSamual0.8
1609 BugNormalNewg_domination_teams_override breaks dom_team entity messageGame LogicMario0.8
1599 BugNormalNewSeveral CA/FT bugsGame Logicterencehill0.8
1594 BugNormalNewwarnings while keyhunt cap with botsBotsSamual0.8
1589 BugNormalNewwarnings loading hudsetup mapMaps0.8
1588 BugNormalNewfireball effect changes even if game is pausedGameplaySamual0.8
1584 BugLowNewbot strangely bending prematchBots0.8
1581 BugNormalNewA LOT of warnings on stormkeep race with bots.BotsSamual0.8
1580 BugNormalNewplayer model not slowed down by water if corpseGraphicsSamual0.8
1579 BugNormalNewspirit always faces up even if corpse faces down?ModelsSamual0.8
1564 BugLowNewerror receiving update notification: status is -10.8
1560 BugNormalNewTyping letters into the address bar in menu causes game to freeze temporarilyEngineSamual0.8
1557 BugLowNewAccuracy gained from frozen playersGame Logic0.8
1555 BugNormalNewXonotic loses focus on full screen with Gnome 3 on Debian Wheezy (7.0.0)Samual0.8
1543 BugNormalFeedbackSpectator view falling if killed during countdown0.8
1538 BugNormalNewUnbalanced teams message missing in some modesHUDSamual0.8
1535 BugNormalFeedbackCorpse gets instantly turned face upwards if it lays face downwardsModels0.8
1533 BugNormalNewSudden hang of xonotic process with port-o-launchGameplaySamual0.8
1518 BugHighNewThrown weapons appear to fall into the floor at firstGraphics0.8
1481 BugNormalNewSuperweapon HUD iconsHUD0.8
1473 BugNormalNewBot view issueBots0.8
1458 BugNormalFeedbackDead players can be pushed around even when their body disappearsGame LogicSamual0.8
1456 BugNormalNewinvis models after map change/restartModelsSamual0.8
1454 BugNormalNewFreezetag - Frozen players can partly reload weaponsGame Logicterencehill0.8
1453 BugNormalNewAuto build crashed on latest Ubuntu 12.04.1 patched as of today 03/20/13ServerSamual0.8
1452 BugNormalNewScoreboard pops up for an instant becoming observerGame Logic0.8
1436 BugLowNewPlayers can trigger multiple voices simultaneously (new player sounds don't stop existing ones)Game LogicSamual0.8
1424 BugNormalIn ProgressAllow r_replacemaptexture to be used.EnginedivVerent0.8
1405 BugNormalNewTeams not auto balancing when a player quitsGame LogicSamual0.8
1395 BugNormalNewserver crash - sv_autodemo_perclient 1 - client with bad name joinsServerSamual0.8
1387 BugNormalNewmisc_gamemodel models are rendered full (no LOD) for the first (few?) frames of their existance before the proper LOD model is rendered.ModelsSamual0.8
1378 BugNormalNewStrangness when dropping a weaponMapsMario0.8
1377 BugNormalNewWarpzoneage sometimes causes runaway hit counter when ballistic bullets are used muchly.0.8
1373 BugNormalNewEnemy player name tag visible whole matchHUDSamual0.8
1370 BugNormalNewDP tries to precache maps after load sometimes... and then hangs ofcourse.Engine0.8
1369 BugNormalNewWeapons at the edge of lower and higher platform are unpickable from where the actual model is.EngineSamual0.8
1368 BugHighFeedbackBots do not move around anymore, don't use waypoints.Bots0.8
1351 BugHighNewTexture corruption with Intel graphicsGraphics0.8
1350 BugNormalNewUpdate SDL framework version to 1.2.15 for OS X PackageSamual0.8
1349 BugNormalFeedbackFlag doesn't slide off steep surfacesGame LogicSamual0.8
1348 BugNormalFeedbackDarkPlaces engine crashes occasionally.Engine0.8
1347 BugNormalNewVehicles fly through common/clipVehiclesAblu0.8
1340 BugNormalNew[Usability] Player placeholder text confuses new usersMenuSamual0.8
1333 BugNormalNewGnome Shell 3.x - no fullscreen alt-tabEngine0.8
1329 BugNormalNewServer Help Messages: Gender and ConsistencyGame LogicSamual0.8
1326 BugNormalFeedbackFiring weapon on map "dfwc03-2" crashes game with signal 11EnginedivVerent0.8
1324 BugUrgentFeedbackDropped weapons flicker sometimesGame LogicSamual0.8
1309 BugNormalNewxonstat, xonstatdb - gitignoreRepositoryantibody0.8
1304 BugNormalNewError on ipban.qh with 64bit fteqcc0.8
1297 BugNormalNewbot_vs_humans doesn't work properly0.8
1291 BugNormalNewCorrupted textures with s2tc installed0.8
1290 BugNormalNew View bobbing should be turned of upon entering a vehicle. VehiclesAblu0.8
1287 BugNormalFeedbackNegative ammo counterGame LogicSamual0.8
1273 BugLowFeedbackSuicide mistaken for kill0.8
1270 BugNormalIn ProgressSome engine commands allow writing to arbitrary files in the data directoryEnginedivVerent0.8
1262 BugHighNewChanging name in Player Setup menu spams name changes.Menu0.8
1248 BugHighNewCharacter keys outside of latin1 codepage cannot be boundEngine0.8
1245 BugNormalNewprevent nick abusingSamual0.8
1242 BugHighIn ProgressGrappling hook still attached after func_breakable has been destroyedMapsMirio0.8
1239 BugNormalNewstairs ramdonly acting like rampsGameplaySamual0.8
1238 BugNormalNewgamedir command: Mem_Alloc crashEngine0.8
1235 BugNormalNewmouse restart makes the mouse go crazy - linuxEngine0.8
1230 BugNormalIn ProgressHook spawns from the camera in 3rd person viewGraphics0.8
1215 BugNormalNew'Lightspeed' appears unplayable when OpenGL 2.0 is disabled/not availableMaps0.8
1210 BugNormalNewBots do not recognize when they're out of ammoBotsSamual0.8
1204 BugLowNewcl_hook_activeweapon none gets called on spawnEngine0.8
1200 BugNormalNew_shirt colour does not display on vehicles in 1st person viewVehiclesAblu0.8
1199 BugNormalNewCode Cleanup - possible compiler bugs too0.8
1197 BugNormalNewMany Approved music tracks are unavaliable due to dead links and out-of-project hosting.Sounds0.8
1178 BugNormalNewRaptor strafe take-offVehiclesAblu0.8
1176 BugNormalNewDamageEffects: (client/damage.qc) Sometimes the blood of aliens and robots is red0.8
1174 BugNormalNewcl_hook_gameend timing issue0.8
1166 BugLowNewGun model bobbing is broken when descending slopes0.8
1161 BugNormalNewVehicle shots not being counted in accuracy statsVehiclesAblu0.8
1154 BugNormalNewmouswheel actions not registered0.8
1153 BugNormalNewxonotic-glx - sound channels0.8
1152 BugLowNewHard to find quit button when downloadingMenu0.8
1148 BugNormalNewNexball bombing run odditiesGame LogicSamual0.8
1139 BugHighFeedbackMinstanex primary is too loudSounds0.8
1120 BugNormalNewLast player to be fragged isn't killedSamual0.8
1110 BugNormalNew"Decals on models" doesn't transfer to corpse (non-gibbed): they are clean0.8
1103 BugLowNewPlayermodels seen through warpzones always use the lowest quality0.8
1091 BugNormalNew1st person Laser weapon model not centeredGraphicsMorphed0.8
1072 BugNormalNewmotionblur without fboEngine0.8
1070 BugNormalNewCorpse models sink into floorModels0.8
1045 BugNormalNew./all branches : ./all: line 866: branches_repos_origin_divVerent_libSDL_1.2.15_=.2.15_: command not found0.8
971 BugLowNewdisable OpenGL 2.0 shaders: particle effects may look very badEngine0.8
801 BugNormalNewNexball - Ball gets stuck when it touches an accelerator field0.8
796 BugNormalNewSound craps out mid-gameSounds0.8
722 BugNormalFeedbackAccepted music tracks not yet in gitMusicSamual0.8
717 BugNormalFeedback"joins" player event missing if player is dead upon endmatchServer CodeSamual0.8
686 BugNormalNewCTS: "Speed award" and "All-time fastest" doesn't change the unit when selecting another unit than qu/s0.8
667 BugNormalNewweapon reloadGameplayMirceaKitsune0.8
574 BugLowNewWaypoint Connectivity: TechassaultMapsDebugger0.8
569 BugLowNewWaypoint Connectivity: Newtonian NightmareMapsC.Brutail0.8
232 BugNormalFeedbackInvisible entities when entity center not in line of sightGame Logic0.8
1765 BugNormalNewПо поводу оптимизации карт.MapsDebugger0.9
1748 BugNormalNewBots aren't collecting any weapons. (No start weapons)Botsmand1nga0.9
1696 BugNormalIn ProgressUnprofessional teamshoot sound clipSoundsbitbomb0.9
1517 BugNormalNewSpectator camera moves very un-smoothly when you start going fastGame LogicSamual0.9
1779 BugNormalFeedbackServer documentation is outdated and therefore misleadingDocumentation1.0
1441 BugNormalNewBlack screenshot taken if game is minimizedConfiguration1.0
1393 BugNormalNewBot navigation spams consoleBots1.0
1371 BugNormalNewServer disconnects joining players when changing mapGame Logic1.0
1298 BugLowFeedbackstanding in a generator when it spawns causes heavy server issues1.0
1264 BugNormalNewCan't type on cyrilic charset on Win7x64Engine1.0
1263 BugLowNewRepetead jump sound on xoylentSamual1.0
1261 BugNormalNew0.6.0 segmentation fault on Linux ~ every half hourEngine1.0
1251 BugNormalNewSegfault on Windows version -- common.c (stable), line 1658Engine1.0
1249 BugNormalNewNexuiz tutorial sound clips are still in data pk31.0
1231 BugHighNewRocket ammo model has no bottom sideGraphicsMorphed1.0
1192 BugNormalNewWeapon pickup in autobuild1.0
1150 BugHighNewNo sound at all if enemy is far awaySounds1.0
1138 BugNormalNewpressing +jump / +crouch while in liquid should act as +moveup / +movedown1.0
1137 BugNormalNewNon-standart keys are not bindableEngine1.0
1085 BugNormalNewMake 64 bit sdl with with dsound (windows)Engine1.0
1054 BugNormalNewwarpzone perspective wrongEngine1.0
1051 BugNormalNewAnimations should be stopped when game endsGame Logic1.0
984 BugNormalNewphisics panel in the luminos_old skin occludes the view too muchHUDSamual1.0
939 BugNormalNewBots don't go for dropped flags @courtfunBotsmand1nga1.0

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