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2019 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #265 - Move the pickup bot into #xonotic on QN. #xonotic is very inactive,... (by dfdashh)
2014 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #264 - Make it possible for menuqc to draw the loading screen. Possibly via... (by divVerent)
2013 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #261 - Upgrade the loading screen function so it can place text onto the... (by halogene)
1992 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #255 - Add a direct link to the Newbie Corner to the front page... (by halogene)
1988 FeatureNormalNewVisual feedback for weapon reloadingHUDterencehill
1987 FeatureNormalIn ProgressVisual feedback for grenadeMario
1981 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #252 - After 0.8 release: Have another survey within the community similar to the... (by Mirio)
1972 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #251 - Add separate spawnpoints for spectators (not sure if already implemented, but our... (by divVerent)
1971 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #250 - Ban XSAX from #xonotic for one month (by MrBougo)
1967 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #247 - Allow non-core-team members who have proven themselves master access to... (by divVerent)
1964 FeatureNormalNewAnnouncer messages chained as opposed to mashed together in a violent horrible sound
1951 FeatureLowFeedbackmake teamkills cost more points, the more teamkills you already didGame Logic
1944 FeatureNormalNewShow "daily stats" on the frontpageWebpageantibody
1942 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #244 - Initially, display changed cvars only when opening the "advanced settings" dialog. Search... (by halogene)
1941 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #242 - replace "cvar filter" in "advanced settings dialog" with "search for" to make... (by halogene)
1935 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #240 - Add more values to the FPS limiter sliders. Lots of monitors run... (by CuBe0wL)
1931 FeatureNormalNewI suggest a feature for saving/loading key bindings profiles, and an button in Input Settings that reset key bindings to the default keyboard and mouse controls.
1923 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #235 - No longer require GPL2 on contribution, "GPL3 or any later version" is... (by divVerent)
1922 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #234 - Migrate to CC-BY-SA license for maps by for now requiring... (by divVerent)
1921 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #233 - Continue to insist that gameplay must not be broken through warpzones. New... (by divVerent)
1920 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #232 - Never allow on default maps the placement of warpzones unless their presence... (by Samual)
1919 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #231 - Create a blog post and forum announcement about promoting support for (by Samual)
1916 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #229 - make bot barrel handling more intelligent (for example only shoot barrels if... (by matthiaskrgr)
1915 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #227 - Remove non-teamplay modes from dance. It's a CTF map, doesn't even... (by Mario`)
1911 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #226 - Somehow fix being able to ramp up points in CTF while alone... (by divVerent)
1910 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #225 - Unban Calinou from #xonotic, I believe he has made an effort to... (by Samual)
1908 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #224 - Spend time on adding useless waypoint detection to the autowaypointer, so we... (by divVerent)
1905 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #174 - Rename MinstaNex to "Vaporizer" (see also (by Samual)
1904 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #173 - [xonstat] Have rank-icon (e.g. gold/silver/bronze crown = ranks 1... (by zykure)
1903 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #175 - Rename Nex to "Vortex" (see also where I... (by Samual)
1898 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #218 - Disable respawnjitter on powerups by default (by Mirio)
1895 FeatureNormalIn Progress[xonvote] #215 - Set g_ctf_respawn_delay depending on the number of players in... (by halogene)
1894 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #211 - Encourage server admins to use a non default port number in server.cfg... (by divVerent)
1892 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #210 - Default to r_ambient 0, and instead shun all maps with pitch... (by divVerent)
1890 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #202 - Put effort into finishing a vignette visual effect as part of the... (by Samual)
1877 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #200 - Once weapon and other changes are decided, rename and better organize weapon... (by Samual)
1870 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #194 - Replace map specific "void falling" hacks (like deceleration) by a generic "blackout"... (by divVerent)
1869 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #192 - make dead bodies float UP in water (by divVerent)
1868 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #191 - Make it so that crouching players dive down to the ground faster... (by Samual)
1867 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #189 - Disallow crouching in water, have Shift (CROUCH) do swimdown and have Space... (by Samual)
1866 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #187 - Make gender selection exclusive from playermodel selection, this way players can select... (by Samual)
1865 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #186 - Remove "Weight", "Age", and description (but NOT "sex" YET) tokens from playermodel... (by Samual)
1864 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #185 - Enable damage from contents (lava, slime) in minstagib (seems weird that players... (by Mario`)
1863 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #184 - Make game servers default to a random port number decided on first... (by divVerent)
1862 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #183 - Add "is in another time zone" gag info message for CTS and... (by Samual)
1861 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #181 - Use waypointsprite edgeoffset 0.1 by default (set it in the menu with... (by Samual)
1860 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #180 - IDEA_PHASE: Put effort into polishing Catharsis (CTF) and adding it to... (by Mirio)
1859 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #178 - Rename "Minstagib" to "Instagib" -- the M is pointless. (by Samual)
1858 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #177 - Rename the "Hellion" turret to something else, and rename "Fireball" weapon to... (by Samual)
1835 FeatureNormalNewMake user content for newbies easier to find from the main page
1833 FeatureNormalNewAdd awards and damage given/received
1821 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #176 - If a team mate attacks a turret repeatedly, we should have the... (by Samual)
1818 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #172 - Bring back size restriction, but then as .mapinfo feature and not .sizes... (by divVerent)
1813 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #160 - Simplify bullet code (no non-antilagged bullets, no gravity support, keep going... (by divVerent)
1812 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #165 - Get the functional weapon design changes that are frequently talked about into... (by divVerent)
1811 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #167 - During the change of ammo system (add LG/split cell ammo into... (by Mirio)
1774 FeatureNormalNewPersonal todo list?
1718 FeatureNormalNewDeferred/Lazy loading of YouTube embeds
1700 FeatureNormalNewShow a birthday cake next to a player nick on their join anniversaryWebpageantibody
1665 FeatureNormalNewPlayer order on scoreboard in TDMXonstat Logicantibody
1618 FeatureNormalNewAutomate the syncing of the git repo for PootleSamual
1522 FeatureNormalFeedbackRename Map Releases & Reviews into MappingForums cleanupantibody
1521 FeatureNormalFeedbackRemove Planning sectionForums cleanupantibody
1520 FeatureNormalFeedbackMerge Community Contest and TournamentsForums cleanupMrBougo
1516 FeatureLowNew"Most active maps" per gametypeWebpagezykure
1510 FeatureNormalFeedbackNew category: MediaForums cleanupMrBougo
1499 FeatureNormalNewjQuery activated toggle for fixed or fluid width forum that stores to myBB cookie
1404 FeatureNormalNewStore available gametypes and mods in the server tableDatabaseantibody
1401 FeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd teamscoresWebpagezykure
1385 FeatureNormalNewAdd fields to support Freezetag and LMS to XonstatDBDatabaseantibody
1279 FeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd elo/kill/win graph or something similarWebpageantibody
1228 FeatureNormalNewShow weekly/monthly timer on the player_info pageantibody
1076 FeatureNormalNewSupport CTS rankingsDatabaseantibody
1056 FeatureNormalNewAdd ability to search by multiple nicks on the search page and also player profileServer Codeantibody
933 FeatureLowNewShow global averages and such for different stats (like accuracy)Databaseantibody
894 FeatureNormalNewStore impure cvar changes on the server tableDatabaseantibody
858 FeatureNormalNewShow gametype specific metrics per-serverWebpagezykure
747 FeatureNormalNewAccuaracy IdeasWebpagezykure
270 FeatureNormalNewInstall Gantt module on Redmine-z-
2005 FeatureLowFeedback[xonvote] #259 - Rework the loading screens and transform them into images that show off... (by halogene)Menuhalogene0.8
1856 FeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd freezetag support to darkzoneMapsMirio0.8
1817 FeatureNormalNew[xonvote] #169 - Delete red-planet now. It was hidden in 0.7.0 to allow us... (by divVerent)0.8
1746 FeatureLowIn ProgressImprove superspec options0.8
1733 FeatureNormalNewPause in singleplayerMenuSamual0.8
1724 FeatureNormalFeedbackAdd a GUI to adjust 'notification' settings in the menuMenuSamual0.8
1717 FeatureNormalNewNetRadiant projectSamual0.8
1695 FeatureNormalNewAdd a button for reset key binds on the settings→input menuMenuSamual0.8
1672 FeatureNormalNewAdd suport to Arabic languageSamual0.8
1664 FeatureNormalFeedbackAdvanced ChatHUDSamual0.8
1658 FeatureHighNewTest and add Dutch translationSamual0.8
1657 FeatureNormalNewput interesting information such as map name/ player position/ view angle etc into meta data of screenshots automaticallySamual0.8
1651 FeatureNormalNewLet g_weaponarena "1" use "all"ConfigurationSamual0.8
1640 FeatureNormalNewAdd JapaneseSamual0.8
1639 FeatureNormalNewAdd LatinSamual0.8
1638 FeatureNormalNewAdd BulgarianSamual0.8
1637 FeatureNormalNewAdd BelarusianSamual0.8
1616 FeatureNormalNewAdd a Polish support to the game or just add a polish template to and let community translate it to polishSamual0.8
1615 FeatureNormalNewAdd Czech support to the gameSamual0.8
1578 FeatureNormalNewFeature request: move ~/.xonotic to a proper place (follow XDG standards)Samual0.8
1568 FeatureNormalNewInstall "Etherpad" Pluginantibody0.8
1553 FeatureNormalNewNew sounds for Laser by unfaSoundsSamual0.8
1519 FeatureNormalNewNew effects for CSQC itemsGraphicsSamual0.8
1506 FeatureNormalNewInstall "Did you mean?" Pluginantibody0.8
1505 FeatureNormalNewInstall "Checklist" Pluginantibody0.8
1504 FeatureNormalNewRefresh button for serverlistMenuSamual0.8
1502 FeatureHighNewChange dev tracker theme to fit Xonotic style more0.8
1431 FeatureLowNewr_ambient_color and r_fakelight_color for engine?Engine0.8
1372 FeatureNormalNewSpawn Strength and Shield at the same timeGame LogicDebugger0.8
1299 FeatureNormalNewBlend shirt color+regular avgd color of texture in r_showsurfaces 3?0.8
1282 FeatureNormalNewDocument func_door_rotating, trigger_reverse in entities.defConfiguration0.8
1247 FeatureNormalNewRequest: _Some_ procedural modeling/mapping so we can make ice maps with all the hanging icycles easy without mad slowdownGraphics0.8
1220 FeatureNormalNewLAN filtering in server browserMenu0.8
1201 FeatureLowIn ProgressKick idlers only when neededConfigurationSamual0.8
1196 FeatureNormalNewNew music additions for xonotic (X-Force) from new musician (Archer)Music0.8
1183 FeatureNormalNewShould I import CC-BY violin to IQM for use as a new instrument? (From blendswap)0.8
1182 FeatureNormalNewCollada support (requested by solen and hutty, just forwarding the request for them)Engine0.8
1170 FeatureNormalNewRequest: "Secret" flag for func_destructable, which when set will not be a target for bots (or later other monsters) to try to destroy. 0.8
1128 FeatureLowIn ProgressPitch-shift hit sound to hint at damage magnitudeSoundsSamual0.8
1053 FeatureLowNewInt support in QuakeCEngine0.8
988 FeatureNormalNewmake maps in dlcache also appear in maps menuConfiguration0.8
865 FeatureNormalNewNexball - make it optional to have jumppads affect the ballGame LogictZork0.8
849 FeatureNormalFeedbackShow item/mega countdowns in spectator mode like "easyitems" in QuakeHUDterencehill0.8
783 FeatureNormalFeedbackNexball ball position in Basketball modetZork0.8
628 FeatureHighNewTeam Spectator ModeGame Logic0.8
536 FeatureNormalNewDuel game mode (1vs1dm limitation) coded in mutator systemGame LogicSamual0.8
517 FeatureNormalFeedbackAbility to record the demo camera movementsDebugger0.8
250 FeatureLowNewMake the weapons panel fade when switchingHUD0.8
247 FeatureLowNewMake it so that weapon waypointsprites are shown for all weapons on a bindHUD0.8
245 FeatureLowNewUpdates to the serverlistMenu0.8
156 FeatureNormalFeedbackScreenshot viewerMenu0.8
140 FeatureNormalNewCTF endmatch with high score differenceGame LogicSamual0.8
122 FeatureLowNewThis map is best played with n playersHUD0.8
87 FeatureLowNewPATCH: Silence snprintf/vsnprintf warnings...EngineSamual0.8
65 FeatureNormalNewServer waiting listMenu0.8
27 FeatureLowIn ProgressFootsteps & jump grunts enabled by defaultSoundsMirceaKitsune0.8
19 FeatureNormalFeedbackRename weaponsGame LogicSamual0.8
15 FeatureNormalNewProper duel modeGame LogicSamual0.8
1883 FeatureNormalNewAppdata install by Makefile triggerTools0.9
1769 FeatureLowNewAdd a friends listMenuSamual0.9
1509 FeatureLowNewRework hitsoundsSoundsSamual0.9
1482 FeatureNormalNewPowerup HUD iconsHUD0.9
1410 FeatureNormalNewBetter static collision for misc_clientmodel and misc_gamemodel (and anything else really) with playerEngine0.9
1269 FeatureLowNew"Minimal" HUD should be available in the menu0.9
1203 FeatureLowNewAdd a "text shadow" checkbox0.9
1124 FeatureLowNewg_midair improvements0.9
631 FeatureLowNewUpdate menu track Music0.9
552 FeatureHighNewPrecache GLSL shader glsl/default.glslEngine0.9
534 FeatureLowNewMenu item to control event_chasecamMenuSamual0.9
256 FeatureLowNewSend a centerprint explaining your team information MenuSamual0.9
153 FeatureNormalNewMore water effectsGraphics0.9
134 FeatureNormalNewVoicesSoundsbitbomb0.9
125 FeatureNormalIn ProgressDual wielding mutatorGame Logic0.9
68 FeatureNormalIn ProgressDifferent death effects for different gunsGraphicsSamual0.9
33 FeatureNormalNewMap image displayed at map loadHUD0.9
1838 FeatureNormalNewPlay test the game and the core maps / weaponsConfigurationSamual1.0
1741 FeatureLowNewHUD panel to see where your teammates areHUDDebugger1.0
1728 FeatureLowNewMore information on the scoreboardHUD1.0
1727 FeatureNormalNewInformation below the scoreboard about items picked up during the gameHUD1.0
1725 FeatureNormalNewAdd a startup video/moving logo1.0
1716 FeatureNormalNewAdd an itemtimer and timestampsHUD1.0
1480 FeatureNormalIn ProgressImprove default scoreboardsConfigurationSamual1.0
1319 FeatureHighIn ProgressCSQC VehiclesVehiclestZork1.0
1257 FeatureNormalNewKill soundSounds1.0
1187 FeatureLowNewSkins - How ToDocumentationmand1nga1.0
1185 FeatureNormalNewtarball distribution formatWebsite-z-1.0
1147 FeatureHighIn ProgressInclude .desktop files to ease maintenance in official distro repositoriesRepository1.0
1020 FeatureLowNewPlayermodels - Code support for continuous run cycle when changing directionGraphics1.0
994 FeatureNormalNewrework hud-editor mapHUDFruitieX1.0
941 FeatureLowNewAlternative to old cl_shownames %p messageGame LogicSamual1.0
810 FeatureLowNewAdd stereo 3D option to the settings window.Menu1.0
778 FeatureNormalFeedbackNexball safe passingGame LogictZork1.0
653 FeatureLowNewCamera angling when strife turningGraphics1.0
645 FeatureLowNewMap entities for player - entity dialoguesGame LogicMirceaKitsune1.0
624 FeatureLowNewSupport for round-based CTFGame LogicSamual1.0
593 FeatureNormalIn ProgressSupport waypoint linking properly on maps with dynamic wallsBotsmand1nga1.0
484 FeatureNormalFeedbackFlag taken sounds depending on team.SoundsSamual1.0
251 FeatureHighIn ProgressNew weapon: Lightning gunGameplaySamual1.0
246 FeatureLowNewAdd a sound to freezetag whenever you hit a frozen playerSoundsSamual1.0
197 FeatureNormalNewMore feedback for the assault mode Game LogicSamual1.0
146 FeatureLowNewAllow binding weapons 10 and up from the menuMenu1.0
118 FeatureNormalNewBetter spectator modeHUD1.0
21 FeatureHighIn ProgressBrandingGraphics1.0
1749 FeatureLowNewVoices in other languages.SoundsbitbombLater
1740 FeatureLowFeedbackAdd a 'vcall mercylimit <X>' vote possibilityGame LogicLater
1736 FeatureNormalNewImprove and clean game documentation on game modes and mutatorsDocumentationLater
1730 FeatureNormalNewVR Googles supportGraphicsLater
1414 FeatureNormalNewWay for server code to tell client to switch player anim right away.Later
1411 FeatureNormalNewPort Automatic-hole-filling from MeshLab to darkplacesLater
1376 FeatureNormalNewTrying to mix the colors in gl_rmain.c for textureavg +pants shirt in showsurfaces3Later
1346 FeatureLowNewAutomatic machine translator in game chatLater
1260 FeatureNormalNewParallax occlusion mappingEngineLater
1213 FeatureNormalNewShow shots left instead of ammoHUDDebuggerLater
942 FeatureNormalNewSuggestion: Full Loop (or N loops) setting for randomwarpzone setsEngineLater
871 FeatureLowNewcvar for proper obj rotation support.EngineLater
798 FeatureLowNewOrders to bot.Botsmand1ngaLater
696 FeatureLowNewWebsite translationWebsite-z-Later
537 FeatureLowIn ProgressWeapon introductory video: ElectroPublic MediaC.BrutailLater
203 FeatureNormalNewtarget_speaker spawnflagsGame LogicGrasshopperLater
172 FeatureNormalNewIRC java applet for #xonotic.pickup on xonotic.orgWebsitezykureLater
161 FeatureNormalNewVoice chatLater

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