Announcement vote

and now .. lets vote for our official Announcement !!!


See current candidates at

v1 by z
v2 by Spaceman
v3 by a_grue and z
v4 by merlijn
v5 by Dokujisan
v6 by Xeno
v7 (mix of 5 and 6)


Place your vote here, include your suggested changes if you wish or apply them directly to the wiki (ask the author first)

mand1nga: v7


DiaboliK: v7

1. V3 (great but could be less negative at the start, and less harsh about what happened since there's been a lot of that for everyone)
2. V4 (same regarding the part from V3)
3. V7 (if anything other than V3 / V4)
I don't like the others at all. They're much too formal imo, and best for announcing to a new public or at a conference. V3 is well addressed to the community, and easiest to understand for current players and new players alike. Other versions also sound like we're announcing something completely new. It's the same Nexuiz we know, but with a different name, artistic dirrection and differently organized team and objectives. Looking like we're starting all new can have its advantages, but if done excessively may cause more confusion and hurt to part of the existing community.

1. V6
2. V5
I don't like the rest too much, since they bring up negative points (bashing illfonic or verm indirectly or directly). I would rather see only positive points in an announcement (I'm a feel good guy and hate conflicts).
Also i wouldn't state using GIT as a pro by itself, but rather as a technical means to reach a "noble" goal, i.e. streamline and open the development process. Something like "Making it easier for the community to work on and contribute changes. Using a distributed CVS like GIT instead of SVN will help with this".

hmm acctualy v4 gets my vote. its imporatant to say why too.

1. v3 edited by grue & z
2. v4 edited by merlijn
these versions clearly express why a fork is required outside the alientrap's scope


v7, although I feel that there should be something mentioning why we're forking, without pointing fingers. We can simply just state that we weren't happy with the way the project was run, so we decided to fork it. We don't want to appear as a bunch of angry trigger happy revolutionaries. Also, we can use both GIT and SVN, since there's a git-svn plugin. That way people can just use what they're comfortable with. We should also mention that using git will make it easier to accept outside contributions, since that statement carries little meaning otherwise.

1. V3
2. V4

a grue:
1. v5 OR v3 with style corrections, expanded changes list and removal of Lee's name
2. v7
3. v3 with style corrections and expanded changes list

or v6 / v7 in case we do not want to directly mention certain names

1. v6
2. v7
I want the least mention of the Nexuiz debacle as possible. It should be about Xonotic not focusing still on Nexuiz. Giving detailed reasons of the fork and pointing fingers would only foment more bad feelings. A fresh start should be a fresh start (also, it would be giving them undue publicity).

1. v7
2. v5

1. v4 (preferably with the game/project changes from v6)
2. v7 (preferably with the game/project changes from v6)

1. v7
2. v6 (with updated lists from v7
3. v3 or v4, but with some changes:

Regular users do not care about VCSs and I doubt open-source fans will interpret "better attention to marketting and public relations" as a great change for the better. I recommend using the list of game changes from v7, keeping the same order which places emphasis on aspects of actual gameplay.

I still don't think that we should place too much emphasis on the negative aspects of the fork (i.e. fingerpointing at IllFonic). It just looks childish. Mention it indirectly and let people check the FAQ for more info. I think it's better to present the project as re-invigorated with a new focus rather than something based on a negative (getting away from big, bad Vermeulen and the evil capitalists), even if the latter was the catalyst, which will be very clear from the FAQ and other info floating around.

v7 I think this one is the most comprehensive of the bunch