Artistic Style

This is a community project, so feel free to add new keywords, and elaborate on any part of this document. The wiki keeps every version of the page around, so you can also remove stuff which doesn't fit anymore, since we can always go back to the previous versions.

As soon as some work is done, we can add screenshots to support the description. For now, a textual description might suffice.
If you do decide to add images, use thumbnails!


To avoid having billions of wiki-edits, discussion can be done in the forum (or IRC).
Please discuss the keywords added here on the forum/IRC, or ask any questions about the artistic style.
When you create a new thread, feel free to link to it from here.

Some keywords which have been mentioned

Please elaborate, add pictures, suggestions, etc..

  • Futuristic
  • Fast
  • Post-Apocalyptic
    • Grivel and dirt on once shiny metals
    • Broken machines everywhere
    • Energy fields that serve no purpose anymore
  • Clean, streamlined
    • Clean lines and silhouettes
    • Brightly lit spaces
    • Little grime or dirt