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Date: Late 24th century, AD
Region: Local Interstellar Cloud, distance inhibited by space travel technology. Antimatter drives offer speeds up to 78% of the speed of light.


Xonotic single player will become a strategic FPS. Eventfully carrying game modes to multiplayer. Focus will stay on fast-paced action, although story and other control will be available between levels. At the beginning of the game you select between a faction and presented a brief background story.
The menu between first person matches will be of a solar system, which then zooms out to the local interstellar group, much like the game star control 2 Battles take place on potentially inhabitable planets, moons, space stations and asteroids. Much of the story can revolve around a main event. An example being the synchrotron particle accelerator being constructed around a gas giants asteroid belt in the effort to create civilizations first interstellar warpzone.


With Earth polluted and over populated, due to capitalism taking full force in the early 3rd millennium, technology and production thrived. Creation of the fusion reactor led to an abundance of energy available to the world, but was monopolized by Global Industries: a sprawling, mega-conglomerate corporation. With corporations more powerful than the government, many fled to new worlds hoping to escape the monopoly of these few elite businessmen and the corporations they hide behind.
The major gap between the rich and poor led to the formation of the Rebel Alliance. The Rebels where able to seize control of partly terra-formed Mars in the 22nd century. Global Industries share prices plummeted, leading to a temporary peace.
With Artificial Intelligence observed in most supercomputers, focus lead into creating a private artificial army. This only led to more problems. Robots were disobedient. With collectively thinking between artificial intelligences taking place without human knowledge, eventually the robot army created to destroy the rebels, left the solar system to pursue their own endeavors. They have not been found since.
As Global Industries shifted focused on controlling other star systems...


Name Native Color Species Place of Origin Bio Player Models
Global Indutries Blue/Cyan Cyborg Earth - Sol Those who stayed on earth indulged in taking evolution entirely into there own hands using technology. With augmentations put to the extremes, with digestive systems removed and replaced with fusion cells, entire nervous systems and limbs replaced for enhanced dexterity, and even large parts of the brain were replaced. Umbra
? Red/Orange Martians Mars - Sol After humankind's gradual terra-forming of Mars was completed, sanctions were imposed agents capitalism in-order to prevent the degradation of the newly formed environment. Superior through genetics, via eugenics and socialist rule, the martians accelerated their evolution, only allowing the strongest to survive. Have various other out posts in the local interstellar cloud and are at a constant cold war with the Cyborgs. Ignis, Pyria
UAF (United Artificial Federation) Yellow/Grey Robots Planet X - Alpha Centauri 4.37 light years away from Sol After computer power increased, due to a enormous amounts of research from the push of capitalism, robots with artificial intelligence began to appear. The artificial species segregated on earth, only kept slaves on, one by one escaped. First inhabiting the moons of Saturn. Eventually the robotic was slowly push out of Sol until it made its way to the star system Alpha Centauri. Once the system was inhabited, no cyborgs where permitted within. Although they do have close relations to the Martians.
? Green/Purple Aliens Planet Y - Epsilon Eridani 10.5 light years away from Sol First and only alien race discovered in the galaxy. Their umanoid appearance only suggests that both humans and aliens eventuated from the same origin, hence the hunt for the origin of life and Xonotic (what ever that may be; possibly an ancient alien race that are so evolved, that they are inter-dimensional god-like beings). They have 3 fingers and have green blood. Are in regular trade with the Cyborgs. Gak