Freeze Tag

Object of the Game

Freeze Tag is basically like TDM, with 2 teams (red & blue). But instead of fragging your enemies – you freeze them into an ice cube. Once a team is 100% frozen the other team gets 1 point (10 to win).
But (!): Frozen players can be unfrozen (“revived”).

How To:

- Freeze an enemy? Just shoot at him until he is frozen (its similar to a frag).
- Revive a teammate? Stand close to a frozen teammate for some seconds (it shows for how long you need to stay).

Map Entities

<Insert Map Entities here>

Helpful Hints and Tips

- Some maps can contain powerups like “Strength” or “Shield” (which usually spawn every 2 minutes). They can be useful tools to win a match!
- Binds are very useful again to coordinate the team.
- You can freeze (or get frozen) in e.g. lava too! Also if you fall into space you will respawn frozen.

List of Demos and Videos

  • Demo: <Insert Demo or Video Here>
  • Players: <Insert Player Names Here>
  • Key Points: <Insert key points in match here>