Grappling Hook Mutator:


This mutator adds an extra weapon to each players default spawn weapons: the Grappling Hook. This weapon fires a particle beam that will travel a long distance until it hits a solid surface. Once latched onto something, the gun will immediately swing you there. It does not require external ammunition, but it has a charge that slowly regenerates over time (marked by a yellow bar above the Health and Armor meters in the HUD). The hook adds an extra challenge to fighting matches, and it also makes both surprise ambushes and miraculous escapes possible. Additionally, areas with powerups or weapons that were previously unreachable are now up for grabs, making matches involving "Strength" and "Shield" powerups much more interesting.

Mutator Details

  • Grappling hook information:
    • Primary: Fires the hook, latches onto a surface, pulls the player there, and then detaches. Press and hold the <FIRE> button to keep the hook attached for longer, but this depletes the charge quickly.
    • Secondary: Drops a gravity bomb that affects enemy players and also releases light and smoke (similar to a flashbang).
    • Ammunition: Regenerating charge (Primary), Cells (Secondary).
  • Using the default keybinds, the Grappling Hook should should be in weapon slot 0 ('zero').
  • The Grappling Hook is not a hitscan beam! Depending on the distance, it may take a second or two for the hook to actually reach its destination, so use careful timing if using it for an escape!
  • Conserve your charge. It may take a while to regenerate, so don't consume it all at once.