Key Hunt (KH)

Object of the Game

In KH there are 3 teams (red; blue & yellow) and always one player of a team holds a key (Red key; blue key & yellow key). The goal is to collect the keys of the other teams and gather up to score. Get 1000 points to win a map (100 points for each capture).
Tricky: Everyone that holds a key (Note: you can hold more than 1 of course) has a waypoint over his head (“Key carrier”), which shows his position.

How To:

- Collect a key? Frag a player which holds a key and grab it (walk over it) after he died.
- Score? Your team needs to collect all keys. If, for example, Player A, B and C of 1 team hold a team they have to meet a one place (can be anywhere) and be close enough together. That’s enough to score. Its possible that one player gets every key and he scores immediately then.

Map Entities

<Insert Map Entities here>

Helpful Hints and Tips

- Some maps can contain powerups like “Strength” or “Shield” (which usually spawn every 2 minutes). They can be useful tools to win a match!
- Binds are very useful again to coordinate the team.

List of Demos and Videos

  • Demo: <Insert Demo or Video Here>
  • Players: <Insert Player Names Here>
  • Key Points: <Insert key points in match here>