Maps Makeover

Main goals

  • Remove references to Nexuiz
    All symbols and logos
  • Increase the quality of current maps
    Achieved by increasing the quality of textures and skyboxs with the addition of _skyboxs's (3d skyboxs) and other passive detail and effects.
  • Preserve backwards compatibility? (needs more clarification)
    By adding detail, making sure it does not change game play of the previous revisions of the level. If changes are made to the dimensions of walk ways, paths and of doorways for example, then the level is different to the original. Therefor it is not backwards compatible, for example stormkeep and stormkeep2.
    An example of correct backwards compatibility is the difference between Aggressor in 2.5.1 and 2.5.2. It was re-textured and had the addition of passive detail such as broken pipes and broken floor tiles, which do not effect the players movement in any way.



Affected maps

  • soylent sev
  • dance FruitieX
  • space elevator (formerly known as gasolinepowered) FruitieX & Cuinnton
  • castles (formerly known as dm_castle maybe called condenser) FruitieX & Cuinnton
  • stormkeep2 and aggressor (probably only retexturing) FruitieX
  • space CTF aka cbctf1 C.Brutail, Morphed and tZork
  • toxic2 Cuinnton & Morphed
  • evilspace2 cortez666
  • downer2 cortez666

What is needed

  • Define the set of map that we want to work with
  • What could be the impact of the textures upgrade on this project?

What to avoid

  • Utilization of same textures for many maps